I created this little corner of the internet, because I was the first of all of my friends, to have a baby. I felt overwhelmed trying to figure everything out alone. I had so many

questions and no one to ask them to. So I wanted this to be a safe space for you to ask those questions and read up about someone else’s experience. I had no idea how my body would change, and the emotions that go with it, or what I needed and didn’t need for baby. I had to google to answer all of my burning questions
and was often left with even more questions at the end of my search.

There are so many products on the market, it’s confusing trying to navigate them all. While every mom has a different experience, I’m happy to share mine, in the hopes that
it may help you. Welcome to the motherhood tribe – let’s chat. But always remember to trust you way.

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New on the shelves!

New on the shelves!

Panado® Grape Flavoured Paediatric Syrup Panado®’s new paracetamol-based Grape flavoured1 paediatric syrup is colourant-free, tartrazine-free, alcohol-free, and sugar-free....

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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