Unveiling the luxury experience at @Deli Sandton

In the bustling heart of Sandton on Benmore Road lies a trifecta of indulgence – @Sandton-Hotel, @Sandton-Apartments, and the crown jewel, @Deli. Here, life is a symphony of affordable luxury, gastronomic brilliance, and unmatched convenience, all masterfully orchestrated by the culinary genius, Carolina Rasenti.


Meet Carolina Rasenti: The culinary dynamo

As the Deli and Procurement Manager and the creative force behind @Deli’s menu development, Carolina Rasenti is not just a chef; she’s a culinary virtuoso. With a decade of experience, she’s navigated the bustling world of restaurant kitchens. Earning her reputation as a culinary architect capable of orchestrating perfection, even in the face of a dinner rush.


Crafting culinary experiences

Carolina’s culinary prowess extends beyond mere sustenance; it transforms each dish on @Deli’s weekly harvest table into an unforgettable experience. From sushi to baked goods, charcuterie to cheeses, her creations tantalize taste buds and leave diners enchanted. This festive season, @Deli promises delights like perfectly glazed cooked gammon, succulent turkey and duck, bespoke local wines, and homemade mince pies reminiscent of grandma’s touch.


Leadership with heart and skill

Carolina knows that a well-run kitchen is a collaborative effort. Her exceptional leadership skills turn the @Deli kitchen into a well-oiled machine. Discipline, motivation, and camaraderie are her secret ingredients, ensuring a seamless operation that delivers culinary excellence.


A culinary warrior’s philosophy

Facing challenges head-on, Carolina asserts, “Any challenge you put in front of me will be faced with determination, passion, and a hard work ethic.” Her resilience makes her the epitome of a kitchen warrior, unafraid of the fiery trials of the culinary world.

@Deli: Where Culinary Dreams Come Alive

For those in search of deli magic, @Deli is the haven. Carolina Rasenti, the creator of culinary dreams, is an ambassador of taste. Each delightful dish from @Deli is a testament to dedication and passion. Raise your forks and toast to @Deli, where culinary excellence is redefined, one plate at a time!


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