Editors Pop-Up Restaurant Review: Dinner Time Stories

The allure of a captivating culinary experience is something we all seek, especially when it promises to be a feast for the senses. Recently, we had the pleasure of immersing ourselves in the enchanting world of a projection experience and gastronomic foodie delight, which is Dinner Time Stories at 54 on Bath Hotel, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary.


Cost and Timing:

For the early birds, the ticket cost is R1,295, a steal for the culinary extravaganza that unfolds. Keep in mind, though, that prices bump up by R100 after a certain period. The wine pairing, an additional R395 if booked through Computicket, is a delightful complement to the 6-course tasting menu. Plan your day wisely as the show spans around 3.5 hours – it’s a half day experience and the perfect outing for a day or evening where time is a luxury.



The Experience:

I have been to one of these shows previously at Blueberry Hill Hotel and I can say that these are two very different shows. My hubby and I sat at a table with 6 other people. A couple celebrating a birthday and a family of 4 celebrating a 21st. We broke the ice, started chatting and before you knew it we had made 6 new friends. Everyone at our table was in a good mood, they were there to celebrate and they wanted to have a good time. It was so much fun. I also loved that everyone was taking pics and vids, so for once it wasn’t just me. The experience was so much fun. It had us laughing and smiling throughout. Kids over 5 are allowed at the Sunday lunch day shows and there was a child at our table – it was so rewarding seeing the way she smiled, laughed, and played with the food. I cannot wait until my daughter is old enough to attend these with me. It’s a very special experience. The little girl left saying ‘this was the best day ever, thank you’ to her parents and I just felt like crying.  The technology used for this experience is so well thought out and planned. It’s beautiful and that wasn’t lost. The 3D elements were amazing to see. Everything worked so well together.


The Food:

Dinner Time Stories is not just about the food; it’s an adventure presented on a plate. Each course unfolded like a chapter in a culinary storybook. Each course told a story and had props and accompaniments that added a 4D layer to the storytelling adventure.


This is fun dining, presented beautifully. The food was good, but it’s not going to change your life if that’s what you’re looking for. The whole experience is what you sign up for. I really love experiences like this. When we arrived we were given a delicious glass of bubbles, and a salmon canapé served on a crispy waffle. I can’t remember all the elements but it was so much fun. We were then encouraged to hold props and take pics before being escorted to our table.






1) We had an interactive experience and got to compile our own French-inspired cocktail. This was sweet, fun, and delicious. A little too sweet for my taste but I had a few sips, then hubby drank both our drinks. So, this really is taste dependent.



2) Next up was a deep friend Camembert ball, with tomato and basil chutney served with some Melba toast and chips. This was delicious. Well balanced – the sweet, savoury and salty elements all came together beautifully. This was a great way to start the experience and I must say the storytelling element makes the food so much more enjoyable.



3) Then we had an interactive playing experience where we got to unleash our creative flair, decorate our own plates and then construct our own cauliflower soup dish with croutons. I think there was also coconut and parsnip in the soup but I stand to be corrected. This was delicious. I loved it. Salty, sweet, flavourful and well balanced.



4) After learning about Le Petit Chefs family life we got to construct our own meal consisting of mashed potato, chicken ballantine, mushrooms, green beans and a rosemary gravy. Delicious and very filling. We then had a short comfort break before returning for our mains.



5) I had the seared salmon and hubby had the lamb. I’m a lamb lover so I preferred that dish and he preferred the salmon. There were flavourful accompaniments that went with these dishes. This was one of my favourites.



6) I’m a huge chocolate, meringue and dessert lover so the dessert was a huge hit for me. Without giving too much away we got to construct our own desserts using various elements. There was chocolate sponge, chocolate ganache, meringue, chocolate that you could grate on, fruit, coconut shavings, biscuit pieces and more. Getting to toast the meringue was a lot of fun and I loved how the table had a few fire trucks on them, with sirens that could spray real water. Just Incase!



We had mentioned at the door that we were celebrating an anniversary and I loved how they noted that and brought us a dessert made from red jelly hearts, a few other elements and a no 1 lover trophy, as well as a cheeky note. We then got to enjoy coffee in a trophy. So fitting after our recent rugby win, along with milk and blue sugar. As well as an edible take away treat. Overall I had the most sensational experience, I loved it so so much.



I had the opportunity to chat with Paul the owner, at the show and he let me know that the experience at the Royal Elephant is entirely different. Now I just need to try convince hubby to take me there. I highly recommend this experience to celebrate a special occasion.



In Conclusion:

Dinner Time Stories is not just a dining experience; it’s a celebration. While the food is delectable, it’s the overall adventure that steals the show. The immersive storytelling, interactive elements, and thoughtful surprises make it an ideal choice for special occasions. For those intrigued by the idea, do check their website for giveaways and details about their upcoming shows. Places are limited, so book your spot now to embark on this never-to-be-forgotten tabletop projected journey. Feel free to share your thoughts – is this an experience you’d love to try, or is it not quite your cup of tea?


How to book your ticket below:

info@computicket.com or call Customer Care Centre on +27 (0)11 340 8000 / 0861 915 8000


Contact Paul Rouessart  Owner DinnerTimeStoriesSA – LePetitChef SA



Call / Whatsapp: (081) 266-2661


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