Grill & crunch – exploring Simba’s NEW Steakhouse Beef-Flavored Chips!

In South Africa, where a braai is more than a meal. Simba introduces Steakhouse Beef Flavoured Chips, blending Chef Benny’s braai mastery with Simba’s snack expertise for an extraordinary taste.


A ‘braai’ before the braai

Simba’s Steakhouse Beef chips pay homage to the cherished braai tradition. With the tagline “Roarrs with flavour,” they promise to enhance the anticipation, joyous wait, and camaraderie before the braai feast begins, setting the stage for a flavorful celebration.


Partnering with culinary maestro, chef Benny

Simba collaborates with South African Chef, Benny Masekwameng. A true braai master, infusing the essence of braai culture into snack time.


The very best meaty South African flavors

Differing from the traditional Smoked Beef flavor, Simba’s Steakhouse Beef chips stand out with a carefully curated blend of premium spices. Replicating the taste of a gourmet steakhouse beef fillet in a snack. Sweet and saucy, with a meaty base and hints of BBQ—a true steakhouse experience in every bite.

“Simba continues to innovate taste sensations by embracing cultural traditions to craft unique flavor experiences,” says Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu, Senior Snacks Marketing Director at PepsiCo South Africa. Simba’s commitment to quality ensures chips made from the best Southern African potatoes.


A flavorful backdrop for braai memories

Simba’s Steakhouse Beef Flavoured Chips go beyond being a snack. Designed to spark curiosity, ignite braai moments, and inspire conversations, they are about creating lasting memories around the braai, celebrating the vibrant culture that makes Mzansi unique. So, Bambisa ngeSimba Steakhouse Beef and let the braai festivities begin!


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