Zolani Mahola’s sky-high silent disco: LIFTing SA artists

by | Oct 17, 2023

The enchanting world of music met the boundless skies on Monday, October 16, 2023, as LIFT, the airline, joined hands with Zolani Mahola, also known as “The One Who Sings,” to create an extraordinary Silent Disco experience at a breathtaking 36,000 feet above the ground.

LIFT has been a fervent advocate for local South African artists, and their commitment to uplifting the nation’s artistic community knows no bounds. As LIFT’s CEO, Jonathan Ayache, aptly puts it, “We’re on a mission to upLIFT South Africa, particularly within the artistic community. Supporting local businesses and talent is of paramount importance to us. By crafting platforms for local talent to shine, we aim to infuse a touch of inspiration into the lives of South Africans.”

Imagine this: passengers on the 13:00 flight departing from Cape Town International Airport to Johannesburg, as well as those on the 16:00 flight from O.R. Tambo International Airport to Cape Town, were in for a delightful surprise. Zolani Mahola, the creative genius and voice behind LIFT’s official anthem, graced the aircraft with a special guest performance. Her anthemic masterpiece perfectly encapsulates the sense of well-being and positivity that defines LIFT. Passengers on board get to experience the anthem in her unique, uplifting voice. This song became an essential part of LIFT’s mission to #upLIFTsa and offer solace to the industries affected by the pandemic, soon after the airline’s inception in 2020.


Silent Disco 3 | Zolani Mahola's sky-high silent disco: LIFTing SA artists | it's a Sher thing


Zolani’s journey took an exciting turn as she embraced her new identity as “The One Who Sings.” This came after 17 remarkable years with the pan-African supergroup, Freshlyground. Last year, she gifted the world her eagerly awaited solo album, “Thetha Mama,” which received widespread acclaim. This album beautifully charts her new musical direction, a tapestry woven with traditional Xhosa vocals, Afro-Folk tales, electronic excursions, and Sacred Songs, creating a bold and eclectic masterpiece.

LIFT has consistently captivated travelers with its in-flight performances. In the past, the Cape Town Opera graced the skies with their stunning performance during a national tour of Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro.” Artist Divine Mahara even launched his debut album at 36,000 feet during the first-ever LIFT Silent Disco. And to tickle the passengers’ funny bones, the hilarious Schalk Bezuidenhout once performed a comedy skit on board a LIFT flight.

Jonathan Ayache, brimming with excitement, shared, “Our collaboration with Zolani Mahola for our anthem was just the beginning. We are thrilled to have her back onboard for a surprise performance. Our dream is to transform LIFT into a springboard for musicians, artists, and entertainers across the country. With LIFT, the sky is truly the limit.”

LIFT continues its mission of connecting with renowned artists, musicians, entertainers, and actors throughout South Africa. They have become indispensable to artists by handling their travel logistics seamlessly, ensuring their journey is smooth and worry-free. As a result, LIFT has earned its place as a launchpad for artists to perform at South Africa’s most beloved festivals and concerts.

In the sky-high world of LIFT, artistry and aviation converge to celebrate the richness of South African talent. Stay tuned for more high-flying performances and collaborations that keep South Africa’s cultural heartbeat pulsating. LIFT, the airline that truly uplifts spirits.

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