Eskort launches a SPRING cooler BOX in an unforgettable way

On a sunny Tuesday, August 8th, the social media realm was abuzz with chatter about an eye-catching billboard that graced the prominent O.R. Tambo International Airport. The billboard, adorned with bold and captivating letters, proudly proclaimed, “Go Springbox. Love Eskort.” This display immediately captured the attention of eagle-eyed observers who wasted no time snapping pictures and sharing videos of the billboard, pointing fingers at Eskort for what seemed to be a glaring spelling blunder.

The news spread like wildfire, igniting rampant speculation. Some were quick to assume it was a simple and honest mistake, while others couldn’t help but wonder if it had been a deliberate act. A few even speculated that this was the start of a campaign, with a tantalizing revelation waiting in the wings.

Well, the suspense has lifted, and the mystery has been unraveled. It’s safe to say that the cat, or perhaps in this case, the “piggie,” is out of the box. As it turns out, the billboard was a clever piece of Eskort’s marketing strategy, unveiling their brand-new cooler box for the upcoming spring season, aptly named the “Springbox.” This innovative cooler box has been designed specifically for enthusiasts of Eskort’s delectable braai meat.

Marcelle Pienaar, the Group Marketing Manager at Eskort, shared her insights, stating, “Spring marks the return of braai season, and we wanted to offer something exceptional for braai aficionados across South Africa. Thus, the Springbox was born.” She further explained their goal of launching it in a manner that would captivate people’s imaginations and get them talking, which led to the ingenious billboard idea.



Eskort’s marketing team sprang into action, enlisting the support of a Twitter army and carefully selected influencers to ensure that the billboard became a trending topic. Their strategy was a resounding success, with #Springbox dominating social media discussions for an entire week, generating substantial exposure across various media platforms and thrusting Eskort into the spotlight.

Then came the big reveal, as Eskort updated the billboard and unleashed a series of online ads, along with content from the same influential figures they had collaborated with before. Marcelle Pienaar summed it up, saying, “Now that the ruse is over, we want people to discover the Springbox for what it truly is. We hope all the braai enthusiasts out there get their hands on one, proudly showcasing it to their friends during their next braai gathering—perhaps even during an exhilarating rugby match.”

The Eskort Springbox will be exclusively available at Eskort stores this spring season. For those eager to find a nearby store, a visit to will provide the necessary information. And if luck isn’t on your side and there’s no store in your vicinity, keep an eye on Eskort’s online presence @EskortFood, as they’ll be running exciting Springbox giveaways.

So, let’s all rally behind #Springbox and gear up for an unforgettable spring season with Eskort’s latest innovation!


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