Unboxing Joy: My Shein Haul for Mila’s First Birthday Extravaganza!

by | Sep 9, 2023

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Today I’m sharing my latest Shein haul. I last ordered from Shein in October 2020 and I was really happy with my purchase. I’ve been looking for a few farmyard-themed decor items for Mila’s first birthday party, but I was only seeing mermaid and dinosaur decor.

That was when my sister recommended ordering a few things from Shein. I went on to buy the decor items and then added a few toys and jersey’s to my cart when I was there.

I know people have mixed views on Shein, fast fashion, etc. But I was happy to buy a few affordable items, for a once-off party, and like I said, I couldn’t find similar, locally. With that being said…

My Shein Haul

Today, I’m thrilled to share my recent Shein haul experience with you, as I prepare to celebrate my darling daughter, Mila’s first birthday in style.

From adorable bath toys to party decorations that will make you moo with excitement, this SHEIN haul had it all. So, let’s dive into the goodies and my thoughts on each treasure I found.

Winter Warmth and Cozy Chic:

As the chilly winds of winter started whispering, I couldn’t resist picking out two delightful, barbie pink-inspired, winter jerseys for myself. Mama’s baby pink floral jersey (R217) not only enveloped me in its soft, warm embrace but also fit like a dream.

And who could overlook the watermelon pink cardigan (R253)? While it may not have been as thick as I hoped, it’s still a cozy companion for the upcoming frosty days.

Splash of Summery Delight:

Before we know it, summer will be here, so, I also managed to snag a couple of summer swimsuits for Mila – a baby leopard print one with a matching headband, and an utterly adorable baby lemon print swimsuit set.

While the leopard print swimsuit felt a tad thinner than expected, it’s sure to keep Mila comfy during her poolside escapades. On the other hand, the lemon print swimsuit, slightly thicker in material, stole my heart instantly.

Mila’s Farmyard Party: A Party to Remember

Mila’s farmyard birthday bash is going to be an absolute blast, I am so excited. From a cute cow one balloon (R27) to vibrant party pack bags (R50 for 5), I’m all set to make her special day even more memorable.

The velcro hat (R19), which I’m saving as a decorative piece, is an absolute charmer. And don’t even get me started on the cow pattern and pink balloon set (R80) – they’re just waiting to be inflated and fill the room with enchantment.

Mila’s party outfit (R141), I thought the fabric would be cotton but it’s that thin costume material. She will only wear it for her party, so it should be ok. And my cow print shirt was R85. Was hoping this would be a stretchy material, it’s not great but will work as a once off.

The cow print serviettes (R104 for 48), I couldn’t find anything similar in South Africa so was happy to get these.

Tiny Treasures for Mila:

When it comes to Mila’s toy collection, Shein truly delivered a treasure trove. The swimming turtle (R35) and swimming whale (R28) bath toys have already become firm favorites during Mila’s splash time adventures.

The mini shaker (R25), despite being a hit, does come with a minor concern of fitting in her mouth, so we need to watch her when she plays with these. And those flexible tubes (R37)? Oh boy, they’re the perfect fidgety fun Mila needs. She’s enjoying screaming into them for now.

The three piece spinning toys were bigger than expected (in a good way) R144 and much cheaper than anything I’ve seen in South Africa. I’ve stuck these onto her busy board and she absolutely loves them.

And this hedgehog is great for working on her fine motor skills (R65).  I’ve seen these on local websites for double the price, it’s the exact same thing and she loves this.

Customs and Timeline:

Now, let’s talk logistics.

Customes Fee: I spent a total of R1570, which included a customs fee of R146.73 (roughly 10% of the order’s value). Considering the amazing haul I received, I’d say it was worth every cent.

Delivery: As for delivery, I placed my order on July 30th, and by August 8th, the packages were at my doorstep, ready to add magic to Mila’s farmyard birthday bash.

In conclusion, my Shein haul for Mila’s first birthday extravaganza was an absolute success. From adorable outfits that’ll keep us stylishly snug to farmyard party supplies that’ll transform our home into a joyful celebration, Shein truly delivered. While there were a few minor surprises along the way, the overall experience was fantastic, leaving me eagerly looking forward to Mila’s special day.

Until next time, stay fabulous and keep celebrating life’s precious moments! 🎉🎂🛍️

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