BOS Ice Tea’s Limited Edition Can with Siya Kolisi: Sip for a Cause!

In a heartwarming collaboration that celebrates South African heritage and a commitment to making a difference, BOS Ice Tea has teamed up with rugby legend Siya Kolisi, his wife Rachel Kolisi, and the Kolisi Foundation to launch Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS can. These vibrant cans are not just a feast for the eyes but also a powerful vehicle for positive change in the nation we all cherish.



A Taste of South African Pride

BOS, renowned for its iconic colorful cans of Rooibos Ice Tea, has long been a source of South African pride. Now, it’s taken that pride a step further by partnering with the Kolisi family to create a Limited Edition can that draws inspiration from Siya Kolisi’s Xhosa heritage. The bold beadwork design not only pays homage to South African culture but also carries a powerful message – that we are all “brewed for greatness.”

Sipping for a Cause

What sets these Limited Edition cans apart is not just their eye-catching design but their purpose. For every can sold, BOS is donating a generous 5% of the turnover to the Kolisi Foundation. This contribution will help support various initiatives aimed at addressing inequality and making a meaningful impact in communities across South Africa.



Siya Kolisi’s Personal Touch

For Siya Kolisi, this partnership is deeply personal. The Limited Edition can carries not just his heritage but also his heartfelt commitment to changing lives. He reflects, “It’s not just a can. It’s a can that will open so many doors, it will open so many opportunities in every community that we operate in.” Siya’s childhood struggles have fueled his determination to make a difference in the lives of others, and this initiative is a powerful step in that direction.


The Kolisi Foundation: Remembering the One, One by One

Founded by Siya and Rachel Kolisi in 2020, the Kolisi Foundation stands as a beacon of hope. Their vision revolves around the idea that every small act of change matters. By “remembering the one, one by one,” they believe they can impact the nation and create a brighter future for all.

Rachel Kolisi, CEO of the Kolisi Foundation, underscores the alignment of values in this collaboration, highlighting BOS’s commitment to giving back to South Africa. She notes, “What’s great about this collaboration between BOS, the Kolisi Foundation, Siya, and myself, is that there is such a value alignment for us.”


A South African Success Story

Will Battersby, CEO of BOS Ice Tea, expresses his pride in this partnership, emphasizing the uniqueness of both BOS and the Kolisi family as distinctly South African. He acknowledges Siya’s impact as a sporting icon and inspirational figure and praises the Kolisi family’s efforts to make a significant difference in vulnerable communities.




Sip for a Chance to Win!

Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea offers more than just refreshments with a purpose. When you grab one of these special cans, you also have the chance to win exciting prizes, including a trip for two to Paris, BOS-branded skateboards, rugby balls, and signed copies of Siya’s book, “Rise.”


Where to Find Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea:

Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea is available at Checkers, Spar, Woolworths, Pick n Pay, and Takealot, as well as online at The Recommended Selling Price is R 15,99 per can or R 89,99 for the banded six-pack.

Go for it! Sip on BOS Ice Tea and join the movement to impact the nation “one by one.” With every refreshing sip, you’re not just enjoying a delightful beverage but also contributing to positive change in South Africa. Cheers to the Kolisi Foundation and BOS Ice Tea for this incredible partnership!


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