Culinary Revelry at The Pot Luck Club: A Gastronomic Journey of Flavours

by | Aug 17, 2023

Nestled in the heart of Johannesburg, The Pot Luck Club is a culinary gem that promises an extraordinary dining experience, one that transcends the ordinary and takes you on a journey of taste, texture, and creativity. With a menu that dances on the edges of innovation and tradition, this restaurant has earned its reputation as a go-to destination for those seeking a culinary adventure that tantalises the senses.

Joburger’s can now enjoy yet another treat of a restaurant, by renowned chef, Luke Dale Roberts, who has taken his beloved Cape Town eatery to the heart of Rosebank, Johannesburg, for eager food enthusiasts.

Amidst the vibrant ambiance of The Pot Luck Club Johannesburg, guests can anticipate an atmosphere brimming with energy and excitement, further heightened by an impressive selection of wines and cocktails. In this captivating culinary journey, we’ll delve into the flavors, atmosphere, and overall experience that make dining here an unforgettable adventure.”


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Embarking on a Culinary Odyssey

As we stepped into the contemporary and inviting ambiance of The Pot Luck Club, we were immediately greeted by an air of anticipation. The menu is thoughtfully divided into waves, each offering a carefully curated selection of dishes that showcase the chef’s mastery over a myriad of flavors. We went through for their Sunday Brunch offering, which is R850 pp for a 10-course tasting menu. You can also add on the option to get bottomless bubbles, mimosas, and DIY bloody mary’s for an additional R490 pp, or you can purchase per unit. The bloody mary’s had all of the accompaniments including celery/cucumber, a selection of citrus or regular Sky vodka, fried pancetta wheels, fennel pearl caviar, and more.



First Wave – A Flavorful Prelude

Our gastronomic journey began with the “Bloody Mary Oyster,” a delightful blend of tangy and briny notes that awakened our taste buds. The “Korean Fish Saam” followed suit, offering a symphony of textures and spices that paid homage to the rich culinary traditions of Korea. The “Brioche, Porcini, Asparagus, Hollandaise” was a testament to the chef’s skill in elevating simple ingredients into a work of art. The “Smoked Snoek Tartlet” added a touch of nostalgia, with its balanced smokiness and velvety texture. The oysters were a portion of two per person, and the fish saam, and brioche were a portion of one per person.



Second Wave – Timeless Classics with a Twist

The “Arnold Bennet” from the second wave carried with it a sense of comfort and familiarity. The layers of flavors and the delicate richness of the dish left us feeling satisfied, showcasing the restaurant’s ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. This was one pan in a portion, per couple and was absolutely sensational. A very rich dish, lots of fish, cream and cheese.


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Third Wave – An Exploration of Nuances

The “Ravioli Leek & Ricotta” dish in the third wave was a masterpiece of culinary finesse. The balance of flavors, the tenderness of the ravioli, and the intricate Barigoule nage created a symphony on the palate that left us in awe. They pour the sauce over the dish in front of you, which is entertaining to watch and ensures nothing gets soggy. This is a portion of one ravioli per person.




Fourth Wave – A Symphony of Savory Notes

“Duck, Apple & Vanilla, Puoy Lentil Cassoulet” took center stage in the fourth wave. The succulent duck combined harmoniously with the sweetness of apple and vanilla, while the Puoy lentil cassoulet added depth and heartiness to the dish. This is a delicious, very hearty, rich dish and is one per couple, to share.





The Sweet Finale – Dessert Dreams Come True

The dessert course was a crescendo of sweetness and creativity. The “Tonka Bean Madeleine” transported us to a realm of delicate flavors, and the ” Passion Fruit Pate de Fruit” offered a delightful contrast between the rich chocolate and the zesty passion fruit. The passion fruit de fruit was delicious, especially if you like gummy, sugary sweets which I do. I must be honest, I was so full at this point that I didn’t taste the madeleine, however, these are not my favorite as a personal choice. They also brought us the peanut butter bomb which was the perfect balance of sweet, and salty. The perfect way to end the tasting.



A Culinary Adventure Worth Embarking On

The Pot Luck Club’s menu offers a journey that marries innovation with tradition, paying homage to diverse global influences while creating a culinary language of its own. The option to pair the menu with the bottomless NV Cap Classique and the DIY Bloody Mary station adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

It’s important to note that the restaurant is attentive to dietary preferences, offering pescatarian and vegetarian menus. However, vegan menus are not available on set menus.

With its meticulous attention to flavors, textures, and presentation, The Pot Luck Club crafts an unforgettable dining experience that’s both adventurous and comforting. Our meal was a symphony of tastes, a gallery of artfully composed dishes that left us satiated and inspired. As the menu and prices are subject to change, make sure to seize the opportunity to embark on this culinary odyssey while you can. Just remember to bring an open mind and a hearty appetite for all things delicious.


Give them a try and let us know what your experience was like!

199 Oxford Rd, Dunkeld, Randburg, 2196

010 745 3999

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