Unlock 24-Hour Beauty with Skincare Elegance: Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup

Elevate Your Makeup Game with Enduring Glamour!

When it comes to makeup essentials, a foundation takes the lead. It’s that remarkable potion capable of concealing blemishes, evening out your skin tone, and bestowing upon you a radiant, flawless canvas. But what if we told you there’s a foundation that doesn’t just conceal but cares for your skin too? Enter the iconic Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup – a transformative creation that marries cosmetics and skincare seamlessly.

A Foundation that Works as Hard as You Do:

Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup isn’t your ordinary foundation; it’s a beauty powerhouse that puts in the extra miles. With an impressive 24-hour wear and buildable coverage, this foundation caters to all skin types, ensuring you stay radiant from sunrise to sunset. Its waterproof formula boasts breathability and resists the challenges of transfer, sweat, heat, and humidity. Bid farewell to oil and fragrance concerns – a boon for those with sensitive skin – as this foundation takes care of your complexion like never before. Not to mention, the broad-spectrum SPF provides your skin with a robust shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Tailored to Your Skin’s Unique Cravings:

Craft your makeup journey with precision by selecting the Revlon ColorStay™ formula that resonates with your skin’s needs:

– Normal/Dry with Hyaluronic Acid: Delight your skin with 24-hour hydration, boosting moisture levels by an impressive 122%, unveiling a resplendent, healthy glow. The result? A soft, natural finish that accentuates your innate beauty.

– Combination/Oily with Antioxidant Vitamin E: Unleash the power of Vitamin E, which nurtures and safeguards your skin from the perils of pollutants. Earth-derived multi-mineral powders join the fray to thwart oil breakthrough, ensuring a matte, poreless canvas that gleams with allure.



Finding Your Perfect Shade:

Discovering the ideal foundation shade is an art, not a science. Swatch three shades akin to your skin tone on your cheek, and the one least visible is your golden ticket to flawless radiance.

Application Artistry:

The perfect application is your gateway to makeup nirvana. Whether you’re a brush devotee, a sponge sorceress, or a finger aficionado, remember to buff (or bounce, if sponging) the foundation into your skin. This practice guarantees seamless, impeccable coverage without a hint of streakiness.

Extend your canvas to your jawline, neck, and ears – the trifecta that ensures your foundation blends seamlessly and refrains from casting a mask-like illusion.

Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup is a time-tested masterpiece, loved by enthusiasts across the spectrum.



Explore the Spectrum:

With a comprehensive range of 26 shades, Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup is tailored to complement diverse skin tones, promising to enhance your unique beauty.

Price and Availability:

Elevate your beauty ritual with the Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup, available at a recommended selling price of R339.95. This cosmetic marvel awaits your embrace, accessible both online and at esteemed pharmacies and department stores across the nation.

Indulge in the merger of beauty and care – Revlon ColorStay™ Longwear Makeup, where allure meets endurance, crafting an opulent symphony of lasting glamour.



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