Down to Earth Skincare Range Review – Embrace Nature’s Goodness for Radiant Skin!

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Today, I’m thrilled to share my experience with the “Down to Earth Skincare Range.” As a skincare enthusiast and avid nature lover, I was instantly drawn to this range promising a harmonious blend of natural ingredients and effective formulations. From the moment I incorporated these products into my routine, my skin has been singing with joy! In this review, I’ll walk you through each product, while highlighting their benefits. Should this be an option you may be looking at purchasing.

Recharge Face Wash:

The journey to radiant skin begins with a refreshing cleanse, and the Recharge Face Wash delivers just that! Enriched with the goodness of evening primrose, aloe vera and African potato, this face wash revitalises my skin, leaving it feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day. The gentle formula ensures a thorough cleanse without any dryness or irritation. This is a gentle and non-drying facial gel-cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and looking radiant. It is formulated with hand-selected plant extracts which have been used throughout history to boost skin hydration, enhance skin beauty and maintain a youthful appearance. This entire range is vegan, organic, watercourse safe, PH balanced, they dont test their products on animals and their packaging is recyclable. At just R143, this face wash is a budget-friendly treat for your skin!

Revive Moisturiser:

Oh, the magic of the Revive Moisturiser! This luxurious potion, infused with r shea, kigelia & African potato, melts into my skin, providing deep hydration and restoring its natural glow. It’s an absolute delight to apply, and I adore how it effortlessly absorbs into my skin, leaving it feeling silky-smooth all day long. This is a non-greasy facial moisturiser which leaves your skin feeling supple, nurtured and looking radiant. My favourite part is that this great moisturiser is formulated for day and night use, with hand-selected plant extracts which have been used throughout history to boost skin hydration, enhance skin beauty and maintain a youthful appearance.

For R159, this little tube of heaven is worth every penny!

All Over Body Lotion:

The All Over Body Lotion is pure indulgence in a bottle! Blended with aloe forex, honeybush, calendula and macadamia oils, it’s a divine treat for your skin from head to toe. I love how it quenches my skin’s thirst, leaving it supple and soft without any greasiness. The delicate fragrance is a bonus, making it an irresistible treat after a shower. Priced at R 119, this lotion is a luxurious self-care essential.

All Over Body Wash:

Say hello to the ultimate pampering experience with the All Over Body Wash. Crafted with aloe ferox, honeybush & palmarosa, this award-winning body wash is a moment of tranquility in every shower. It cleanses the skin gently, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This mild and gentle liquid soap and shampoo leaves your skin and hair feeling clean and pure. All Over Wash for Body, Face & Hair is formulated with treasured plant extracts that nurture and nourish sensitive skin, hair, and delicate scalp. At just R87, this body wash is a self-care must-have!

Where to Purchase:

To embark on your own journey with the Down to Earth Skincare Range, head over to their official website ( You can explore their entire collection and make your purchase with ease. Additionally, these divine products are available through select online retailers, and you may find them at well-stocked beauty and wellness stores nationwide.

In a world where natural skincare reigns supreme, the Down to Earth Skincare Range stands out like a shining star. From the Recharge Face Wash to the Revive Moisturiser, and the entire range in between, each product offers a transformative experience with the healing touch of nature. With their affordable pricing and accessibility, these products are a delightful addition to any skincare routine. So, pamper yourself and let nature work its magic on your skin with the Down to Earth Skincare Range. Your radiant and rejuvenated skin will thank you for it! 🌸


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  1. Marlize and the Down to Earth Team

    What a wonderful read! We were smiling all the way through!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our products, we’re so pleased they worked so well for you The way you’ve described them has us feeling incredibly proud and our hearts are full. BIG thanks for that!

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