Exclusive Q&A with NICOLE BESSICK: Part 2 of 2

She’s fierce, she’s talented, she’s dynamic – she’s Nicole Bessick!


Whether it’s leading a national conversation about educational equality or raising awareness for child marriages around the world, an increasing number of young women are stepping forward as change agents. One such woman is Actress and Celebrity Boxing Champion, Nicole Bessick, who is fast becoming one of the leaders in the crusade against GBV in South Africa.


But don’t underestimate the enormity of the task at hand, with this topic of conversation becoming a worldwide headline for both the right and wrong reasons. Staying on the right side of history and the law, is one thing Nicole Bessick doesn’t shy away from; and with a passion for purpose, she has taken it upon herself to be a voice for others, a speaker to the world, and lead the pack from the front!


Over and above her time spent in the boxing ring and intentionally taking on empowering roles on screen, she has joined the fight for gender equality in a more deliberate way. Bessick proudly launched her NGO, The Fight For Good Foundation, an all-encompassing anti-GBV initiative that takes women from victim to warrior in 12 weeks.


On-screen, Nicole has climbed her way to success, having already made an impressive impact and a name for herself among the country’s most dynamic artists; Nicole has been hailed as one of the “must-watch” Actresses of the current decade.

Local audiences will know her best for her work on Skin Deep, The Watcher, SAFTA-award winning soap operas Binnelanders, Is’Phindiselo and Broken Vows, as well as her presenting on The A1 Chat show.


So where is she now; what is she up to, who is she working with and what is she currently aiming towards? We have all the inside info, exclusive to it’s a Sher thing.




How do you as an Actress pick your roles and what thought process goes into making these strategic decisions?

There’s something about the South African entertainment industry that really sets my soul on fire: being able to, through storytelling, directly impact and effect social change. I take that responsibility very seriously when it comes to choosing roles. I’m not afraid to put in the hours when it comes to having to perfect an existing skill or learn a new one for or an upcoming role… I’m actually more likely to take those roles on. They help me grow as an artist as an individual. I steer clear of roles that portray women or people of colour in ways that I either don’t agree with, or in ways that have us moonwalking back into pre-1994 ways of thinking… no matter the pay check. I’m just not here for it.


Why is content development so important to the South African market?

With advances in technology and social media, creative work is evolving. We are no longer limited to creating work in studios only, or only being able to consume entertainment through television. Online platforms provide artists with the opportunity to create in unconventional online ways and spaces – and I think that’s great!



What advice do you have for the next generation of female leaders and entrepreneurs?

Speak… even when your voice shakes.


If you could co-star alongside anyone, who would it be and why?

Alba Flores. ‘Saray’ in Locked Up… ‘Nairobi’ in Money Heist. Need I say more?


Most embarrassing on-set moment?

I don’t take life too seriously! It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself.

What do you enjoy most about the “you” of today?

I really enjoy the sense of alignment I’ve accomplished. Everything I do and all the moves I make are in line with my happiness, my purpose and always doing what is right.


Why did you decide to start your NGO, Fight For Good Foundation, it?

One needs to look no further than up and down the street to understand how profound and widespread GBV is in this country. We live in a country that has one of the highest GBV rates globally and that has quite literally been referred to as “the destination of femicide” and “the rape capital of the world”. The Fight For Good Foundation was created in response to exactly that. Standing on the frontlines of the war against GBV and making the country a safer space for our women.



What has been the most rewarding part of starting the NGO and the work you’ve done so far?

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you watch the active switch where a woman consciously and intentionally takes back her power. Doing good is the rent you pay for your time on earth… and when I watch that switch happen, knowing that my business had a hand in doing that… it’s a big “rent paid” moment for me!


Best advice you like giving to others?

“Always be led by passion, profit will follow.”


How can we stay in touch with you?

You can follow me online at @nicole_bessick and my NGO is @fightforgood_sa



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