Exclusive Q&A with NICOLE BESSICK: Part 1 of 2

She’s fierce, she’s talented, she’s dynamic – she’s Nicole Bessick!


Whether it’s leading a national conversation about educational equality or raising awareness for child marriages around the world, an increasing number of young women are stepping forward as change agents. One such woman is Actress and Celebrity Boxing Champion, Nicole Bessick, who is fast becoming one of the leaders in the crusade against GBV in South Africa.


But don’t underestimate the enormity of the task at hand, with this topic of conversation becoming a worldwide headline for both the right and wrong reasons. Staying on the right side of history and the law is one thing Nicole Bessick doesn’t shy away from; and with a passion for purpose, she has taken it upon herself to be a voice for others, a speaker to the world, and lead the pack from the front!


Over and above her time spent in the boxing ring and intentionally taking on empowering roles on screen, she has joined the fight for gender equality in a more deliberate way. Bessick proudly launched her NGO, The Fight For Good Foundation, an all-encompassing anti-GBV initiative that takes women from victim to warrior in 12 weeks. On-screen, Nicole has climbed her way to success, having already made an impressive impact and a name for herself among the country’s most dynamic artists; Nicole has been hailed as one of the “must-watch” Actresses of the current decade.


Local audiences will know her best for her work on Skin Deep, The Watcher, SAFTA-award winning soap operas Binnelanders, Is’Phindiselo and Broken Vows, as well as her presenting on The A1 Chat show. So where is she now; what is she up to, who is she working with and what is she currently aiming towards? We have all the inside info, exclusive to It’s a Sher Thing.



How would you describe yourself?

Nicole Bessick is someone who plays imaginary people for a living and knocks out real people for fun. I’m a Cape Town-born Actress and amateur boxer based in Johannesburg. I’m a gym-going, fun-loving, passionate, loyal-to-a-fault adrenaline junkie.


What is your biggest take away from life right now?

Life is short – so preciously, painfully short. So, we really should take each day by the horns… work hard, play hard, love hard.



Before the camera’s start rolling, do you have any pre-shooting rituals?

I go into Hermit mode. I like to be left alone and warm up in my own space. It helps to de-clutter the mind, releases all tension from the body and helps me focus on the task at hand.


What makes ‘Nicole Bessick’ able to adapt to different characters and scenes so smoothly?

Nicole Bessick loves what she does. It’s hard not to be good at something when you become obsessed with it.




Talent on its own, simply isn’t enough. It may get you into a room…but when you master the business of showbusiness… that’s how you truly earn yourself a seat at the table.

– Nicole Bessick



What is it about acting that you’re so passionate about? 

Living a day in “the life of another”. That’s what I enjoy most.  Taking that script, digging into it, and building a blueprint of how she thinks, behaves and sees the world. You need to dig into your own imagination and life experience… which can seem daunting at first. But once you find the connection between you and your character, get into her skin, and figure out how you want to present her… it’s thrilling. Then you place her in her world, where she has connections and relationships with other characters (played by my fellow actors)… the process takes on a life of its own.  When you have a solid cast and you all get along and collaborate, it’s magic. It really is.


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