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Pregnancy comes with a host of changes, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We know that pregnancy hormones affect your skin and skin, both positively and adversely. We sat down with Master Stylist at Carlton Hair Hyde Park, Rosebank, and Constantia to find out more about haircare during pregnancy.

Is it safe to colour your hair during pregnancy?

Hair dyes are not dangerously toxic, especially in 2023 where both companies, and consumers are hyper-aware of what they put into products and on their bodies, what ingredients are used, how the ingredients are sourced, and how they are absorbed into our bloodstreams.


Most hair dyes are safe to apply to the hair while pregnant and breastfeeding. Most hair dyes have little contact with your scalp, and therefore there’s very little chance of any chemicals reaching your bloodstream and affecting your baby.  Davines is the haircare brand of choice, used at all Carlton Hair salons and this brand uses a range of ammonia-free colouring treatments, called ‘a new colour.’  This range is a permanent colouring system, which is designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting, for up to three shades. These ammonia-free colour creams are made with carotenoids and melanin, for a strong, antioxidant action that is safe to use.


Davines does also offer a product range that is low in ammonia. This range is safe to use on very sensitive scalps and on pregnant women. Highlights and balayage are excellent hair colouring techniques as both options are not applied directly to the scalp. It is important to note that the Davines product range is paraben-free, formaldehyde free, and free from petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, alcohol, and silicones. Their ranges are made with up to 93% naturally derived ingredients and the ‘Davines view’ range provides a strong toning effect while protecting the hair from damage and breakage.



How does your hair change during pregnancy?

Most women experience thickening of the hair at around 15 weeks of pregnancy (4 months), this is due to an increase in the hormone oestrogen, which encourages the hair to stay in the growing phase of its cycle for longer. This means less hair fall than usual.

During pregnancy, you also have increased levels of androgen, which promotes shinier, healthier looking hair. It is also common to experience hair texture changes during pregnancy. For example, straight hair may become curlier or vice versa.


What product should pregnant women have in their beauty cupboard?

Most pregnant women complain of dry hair and scalp during pregnancy and therefore a deep, moisturising treatment would be best recommended for these haircare concerns.

Looking at our Naturaltech range, the nourishing hair building pak helps with repairing the hair and adding nourishment to the hair. This is a restructuring mask for damaged hair, thanks to the vegetal keratin and the Biacidic Bond Complex. It nourishes the roots, by strengthening the fibres and protecting it from oxidative damages. Your hair will be left feeling soft and full bodied after this treatment and it can be used as often as needed.


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