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by | Nov 28, 2022

Becoming a mom has been my biggest blessing, but truth be told I was never ready for even half of what I went through. I saw all the Instagram mommies and thought my maternity leave would be all about pedicures at the salon and brunching with friends, with my mini me in tow. Boy was I wrong, I didn’t realise how much I would change as a person, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I didn’t know I would be out here fighting for my life, my sleep, my sanity, and my personality, all at the same time. I wish someone told me how hard it is, to be a mom. So that I wouldn’t have felt like a failure when it was hard for me. I thought other mommies were brunching, while I was crying in a dark room, with a screaming baby and leaky breasts. Little did I know that it was hard for everyone.

Over the past 4 months, I’ve been reviewing a few post-partum and baby brands that have made me feel more empowered and have made my life easier. I hope they can do the same for you.


Post-Partum Reviews:

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Modi-bodi panties:

I tried these undies out when I was in the hospital, after having given birth via emergency caesarean and at first, I was sceptical. However, after 3 days in the hospital wearing disposable netted undies and a giant post-partum pad, I decided to give the modi-bodi’s a try and wow, I wish I had tried them out sooner.

They were ultra-soft to the touch, and at such a vulnerable time in your life, comfort is key. They were high-waisted enough to cover my c-section cut and for some reason, the lace trim made me feel a little more like me again. From an emotional point of view, it’s amazing what a little bit of lace can do for the spirit when you’re feeling down and uncomfortable. From a functional point of view, these undies work. I wore them from when I woke up in the am, until the evening when I showered and went to bed. No leaks, no fuss, no issues. I will be wearing these again, as period panties once I stop breastfeeding.

One other important message that goes together with these undies, is their sustainability messaging. These panties are made by workers who are paid a liveable wage – not minimum wage, but a liveable wage. All the materials used in this garment are ethically and sustainably sourced and the materials include Marino wool, organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled nylon. The gussets are also certified carcinogenic-free – these are literally feel-good panties!

This brand offers undies and swimming cozzies for teens, classic bikini cuts, hi-waisted options, a fitness range in partnership with Puma, full briefs, thongs, swimming cozzies, active undies, accessories, and of course maternity undies. I have the maternity undies in violet and black, but they have other colour options available too. P.S. they offer free shipping on orders over R1 000.

Find out more at;



Facebook: @modibodi_southafrica

Instagram: @modibodi_southafrica

TikTok: @modibodi_southafrica

Available from R320 onwards.


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Voe belly binder:

As a first-time mamma, I didn’t know too much about belly wrapping post-partum until I came across this site called Voe binder. Essentially, this is a garment that improves post-operative swelling, healing, and aids in body sculpting. The binder is held together with Velcro and is easy enough to use alone.

I started using mine 7 days post-op and noticed a huge difference within 2 days. My swollen belly was suddenly flat. It was unreal to see. I stopped wearing it after a few weeks and I immediately saw a change in my tummy – it was becoming flabby and bloated again. I would recommend wearing a belly binder post-op, it makes the world of difference for your self-esteem, and it really is super slimming. I wore my binder from when I woke up, until I went to bed, removing it only when I went to the loo/showered. It was a snug fit. But not so tight that I couldn’t breathe.

A word of advice is to ensure your binder is put on correctly with the Velcro touching the other side of the binder, if the Velcro touches your undergarments, it can potentially cause that bobble look on your clothing, from the Velcro pulling. I found this out by lazily putting on my binder incorrectly, only to realise later that it had stuck to my bra and created a little bobble patch. So be mindful of this and learn from my learning. This garment was easy to use, it really works, and it made a huge difference within a matter of days. Please do yourself a favour mama and get yourself one of these before you give birth. Delivery was quick and they even gave me a free hug in a mug with my purchase. These garments are latex-free, breathable, and hypoallergenic.

You can order yours by whatsapping the number 083 929 8270, or you can DM their Instagram page @belly_binder where you will be assisted in terms of sizing. These binders are currently only available in the colour beige but do remember that they’re worn under your clothing so no one else sees them.

Available from R1 600 and instalment options are available.


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Cherry Melon Maternity Wear:

I absolutely loved this range of maternity wear. Their jeans are super comfy, their dresses are elegant and fashionable, and their shirts are always in style. This is a comfy, stylish range that you’ll find yourself still wearing post-partum. I had my baby 4 months ago and I’m still wearing my preggy clothes because they’re comfy and fashionable.

The jeans were super slimming and I received loads of compliments about how good I looked pregnant, and I know it was because I was wearing flattering clothing. This range made me feel sexy and empowered and simply beautiful. And considering you will still wear this clothing post-partum it’s a great investment. I loved that the shirts were extra length, so you don’t need to worry about them riding up your belly, they also had ruching on the sides which was very flattering. I wore a winter dress from Cherry Melon and the dress was warm, yet the bow in front and the slit on the side made me feel so slim and pretty, the pj’s are ultra-soft and super comfy, and the jeans looked like they were made for me.

They also have a range of breastfeeding-friendly clothing which would be such a big help to new mamas. They’re also proudly South African, which gives us all the feels. You can order online or pop into one of their stores. You won’t regret getting yourself some cherry melons. Free shipping for orders over R1 200.

Find out more at:



Facebook: @cherrymelon-maternitywear

Instagram: @cherrymelonmaternity

Youtube: @cherrymelonmaternity

TikTok: @cherrymelonmaternity


Baby Product Reviews:

BLESSED BABY 2 | Mila’s Moms’ Reviews: | it's a Sher thing

Blessed Baby:

Blessed Baby is focused on creating one-of-a-kind baby clothes, baby blankets and baby gifts, with a focus on uniqueness and quality. They print all their own fabrics for their clothing and accessories and strive to keep their designs fresh and on-trend. Their clothing is lovingly manufactured, to order, in Cape Town – by local seamstresses. I’ve personally tried one of their baby vests, with matching pants, beanie, headband and mittens and I must say I am very impressed. Great quality clothing, magnificent prints and designs and my baby was super comfy in the fabric. I also have a matching muslin blanket and for some reason, when my muslin matches my baby’s outfit, I feel like I have my life in order. I feel organised and fashionable and I love it. I have their love rainbows vest, headband, and muslin blanket, with pink pants, mittens, and beanie. I often mix and match the pink pants, and beanie with other pink outfits in her wardrobe.

By purchasing a few rompers, blankets, and accessories you are helping to support a local, female entrepreneur and I’m all about female empowerment. Blessed babies offer everyday essentials that all expectant Mommies need, and every new Mommy wants. Each item is manufactured to order, to eliminate the need to carry excess stock, thereby keeping costs down, which are passed on to the customer. Please allow +- 3 weeks for your order to ship. Free shipping on orders of over R1 000


Find out more at:



Call: 072 721 7340

Facebook: @blessedbaby

Instagram: @blessedbabysa


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Bundle Up:

Once I brought my baby home, fed her, burped her, and changed her, I spent a lot of time googling what else I should be doing with her. How do I play with her, how do I entertain her, how do I stimulate her brain? Then I found bundle up and I am so grateful for that. They’re a subscription service that sends you toys and activities for each month of your baby’s development, for them to reach their milestones.

Each toy comes with a few activities that you can do with it and so the monthly box is sure to give you at least one activity to do with the baby daily. I loved that they took the guesswork out of parenting for me. Now I get a monthly gift box and I just need to see what activities to do – easy peasy! I get more excited about this gift box for the baby, than I do for any other delivery now, and I think you will too. Each activity also explains how it’s working to improve their fine and gross motor skills, as well as their eyesight. I find these to be great value for money, as I’ve tried to price these items individually, at the same quality and I haven’t been able to match them yet.

Each box seems to come with a ‘big toy’ and then it’s accompanied by a few smaller ones, and I love that each month’s toys can either be used individually, or they build on the previous month’s toys. These are great quality products, and my baby absolutely loves them. Mila has the first three boxes and so far, she has elements such as a reversible playmat for tummy time, a pillow for tummy time, a wooden baby gym with accessories and a sensory play station and accessories to name a few.

These activity boxes also spark an element of creativity for you as the parent/caregiver – when you see everyday household elements like golden bells and colourful luffa’s being tied to the baby gym, you start to think what else you could add. Maybe some tinsel or some plastic Christmas baubles could work too?

This brand is also owned by local, female entrepreneurs and they are so passionate about what they do. Each hamper is packed with love and delivered in perfect condition, adorned in a bright bow. I’ve seen my baby play more with her baby gym and on her tummy time mat than I’ve seen some friends who have invested in super expensive, imported baby gyms and playmats.

This subscription box would make an unbelievable baby shower gift, and mommy will be so thankful when she receives this monthly. I would recommend getting a few friends/family members to club in and sign up for the first few boxes at least. Get 10% off your first order by subscribing to their newsletter and be sure to enter our competition too. Delivery is free on all orders. This bundle, subscription service is great value for money, it’s convenient, it’s exciting to receive and open every month, the items are bespoke and exclusive, and the company is consistent and reliable. I am so happy I found them! Please do yourself a favour and sign up for the first few boxes now and let us know what you think of the service.

Find out more at:



Facebook: @bundleup

Instagram: @bundleup_sa

Available from R950 per month.

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Magnetic Munchkin:

This is also a baby clothing range, produced in my hometown, Durban. Their differentiating factor is that instead of using push buttons or zips to fasten their outfits, they use magnets. These rompers are so quick, convenient, and easy to use, they make changing babies an absolute breeze (especially those early morning changes), guys we are living in 2030 with this technology.

These magnets are safe to use on children’s clothing and are safely enclosed in pouches that have been sewn into the garments, making the magnets beyond the reach of your baby. The closures are stitched between multiple layers of material, and this would take some significant effort for the magnets to be removed or exposed.  These outfits are made from high-quality cotton fabric and I’m a big fan of their prints. My baby has their lemon and their forest animals’ romper, with matching headbands. The fabric is soft and stretchy, the prints are detailed and beautiful, the magnetic fasteners save you a heap of time, this is a proudly South African range, and you’ll get a million compliments from strangers on how lovely the outfits look. All the garments are produced locally in the mother city and then shipped nationwide.

These products are also washer and dryer-safe, and shipping takes 2-4 business days. Should bold prints not be your vibe, they do also have a range of unisex, single-colour rompers too. Should you have a baby shower coming up, I would recommend getting the mommy to be one or two of these rompers, she will thank you later. Free shipping on all orders over R900.

Find out more:



Call: 076 730 9617

Facebook: @magneticmunchkin

Instagram: @magneticmunchkin

Available from R275

 cuddle me cutie 3 scaled e1669665171787 | Mila’s Moms’ Reviews: | it's a Sher thing

Cuddle me cutie:

This brand offers a unique collection of necessities, accessories, décor, and personalised gifts. You can get so many gorgeous elements, all from one place. Items you can expect to find in this space are personalised beach towels, puffy muslin blankets, animal backpacks and more. I’ve ordered my baby a soft-cover sensory book for Christmas, but there are a few other elements I’ll be getting her soon too.

I love the bespoke name blocks for the nursery, the silicone rainbow stacker/teethers and the crochet baskets to name a few items. This is another gorgeous brand, created by a local, female entrepreneur, so these are all products that have been created by mommies, for mommies. If you’re looking for crochet animals or baskets for the nursery, bespoke name puzzles, or personalised blankets then give cuddle me cutie a look and a follow. I found these items to be affordable, of great quality and they each encompassed impeccable detail.


Remember, when you support a small business, the owner literally does a happy dance when packing your order. The items available on this online store are beautiful, and bespoke and your baby is sure to love them.

Find out more at:



Number: 084 602 8747

Facebook: @cuddlemecutie

Instagram: cutie

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Mazh nappy bags:

Mazh nappy bags are luxurious, travel waterproof, PU vegan leather bags for the modern mom and dad. They offer two internal insulated bottle warmer side compartments, a separate insulated bottle warmer, a portable changing mat, stroller straps, to attach the bag to your pram, gorgeous gold zippers and a matching mummy purse, a wet/dry compartment for nappies, a shoulder string strap, and they’re all waterproof. Some of the bags have padded tablet pockets and the number of compartments varies from bag to bag.

I have the Benet bag and it has 16 different compartments. Bags can be purchased from Chelino baby stores. These nappy bags look great, I love that they’re so versatile in terms of being a backpack, or a sling bag, they’re stylish and they’re affordable and dads love carrying them too. They also come in a range of colours and designs to meet every family’s needs.

Find out more at:



Number: 067 055 1744

Facebook: @mazhbabies

Instagram: @mazhbabies

Available from R890



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