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Panado®, the nation’s trusted pain reliever, is proud to announce the launch of the ‘A Dose Of Care’ campaign in collaboration with popular lifestyle show Afternoon Express.

The campaign celebrates true community heroes across South Africa who serve others by providing a dose of care to those who really need it – so they can pass on a dose of care to their loved ones. As love is universal, no one can be left out!

Think back over the past year. No doubt, you’ll be able to conjure up countless examples of selflessness and heroism within your community that have inspired you. If these examples tell us anything, it’s that perhaps it’s time we re-evaluate what we mean by ‘hero’. In the world that we live in, heroes don’t wear capes. Heroes are the everyday people who go out of their way to support those around them.

From the early morning lift clubbers and even earlier morning rock-em-back-to-sleepers to the mother and daughter team who make sandwiches for hungry tummies. From the retired teacher who collects school shoes for disadvantaged learners to the Gogo who gives exceptional care to parentless children. We are touched by these stories of hope, kindness, compassion and community.

Caring for the ones we love is truly a labour of love – it’s an opportunity for us to put love into action. Panado®, a flagship brand of Adcock Ingram, understands that one can’t give to others if your cup is running empty. 

Caring isn’t always hugs and smiles, giggles and laughter. Caring entails sacrifices and commitment. At times, it can feel overwhelming, scary, and thankless. South Africa is full of carers facing adversity, challenged with little support or financial resources. Yet, many of these exceptional carers still care above and beyond. Panado® sees you – and would like to help make your care a little easier.

Speaking about ‘A Dose Of Care’ campaign, Gail Pretorius, Panado® Marketing Manager, says the campaign aims to help carers across Mzansi, who are inspired by the spirit of ubuntu and dedicated to incredible acts of human kindness and generosity. 

The campaign offers participants the chance to win ‘A Dose Of Care’ from Panado®, and the winners are then afforded the opportunity to “pay it forward” by donating an additional ‘A Dose Of Care’ to others giving back to their communities.


Panado® has been around for decades. You’ve seen it in your cupboards growing up, and so have our grandparents. It is a generational brand that delivers a dose of care through every dose administered to all, from tiny tots to grandparents. We also acknowledge and recognise that caring isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes taking care of ourselves, as well as friends and community members, is difficult,” says Pretorius.

“That is why we at Panado® want to share a dose of care with those who really need it and enable them to share a dose of care with their loved ones. It’s fantastic to have Afternoon Express behind this kindness initiative, hopefully encouraging an onward domino effect of doing good deeds.”


Panado® and Afternoon Express will share the work of do-gooders lifting others and helping alleviate the poverty crisis gripping parts of the country through ‘A Dose Of Care’ journey. 

Individuals and charities who have benefitted from ‘A Dose Of Care’ campaign thus far include the Kasi Hero Foundation and Thušanang Community Development NPO and there are many more to follow.

The Kasi Hero Foundation was started in 2020 during Level 5 Covid-19 lockdown. What began as a small group of young volunteers running a weekly soup kitchen for the needy in Pimville, Soweto, has evolved into a recognised public benefits organisation providing daily meals, school uniforms, wheelchairs, and food parcels to vulnerable families.


The Kasi Hero Foundation was gifted ‘A Dose Of Care’ and assistance with meals for the soup kitchen. When asked to nominate someone of their choice to receive a dose of care, they elected fellow hero, Mpho Mmasechaba, who runs a weekly soup kitchen, feeding hundreds of children daily. 

Panado® gifted another dose of care to Beatrice Leng, chairperson of Thušanang Community Development NPO in the Western Cape. Affectionately nicknamed The mayor of Tafelsig, Beatrice is known for her courage, genuine love and heart for the community, helping women and children who are survivors of abuse. Beatrice has spread care and hope across Tafelsig and surrounding areas for over 35 years.


Beatrice in turn nominated Carolyn Meyer as her nominee of choice. Whether it’s an opportunity to feed a hungry tummy or create a safe haven for children, Carolyn is the definition of a dose of care.

As South Africans, we are going through so much. It’s time we focus on the positive.  There are so many people out there who do so much without asking for anything in return – and that’s exactly what ‘A Dose Of Care’ campaign is all about. To these heroes and heroes everywhere, Panado® says, “thank you for the work you do”!

Can you think of someone in your community who deserves more recognition for all they do for others? Panado® would like to encourage South Africans to go out and nominate other South Africans within their families and communities who really show care for others and please share their stories. Tell us who they are, what they do for the community, and why they should receive a dose of care.

Remember to use the hashtags #ADoseOfCare and #PanadoSA in your answer, and your chosen nominee could stand a chance to receive ‘A Dose Of Care’ from Panado®.

To enter, or for more information, follow Afternoon Express Facebook page and Afternoon Express Twitter page. The campaign competition runs until 8 November 2022. T’s and C’s can be found on https://afternoonexpress.co.za/.


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