Meditation boosts cognitive health and when combined with Omega-3, can help reduce symptoms of brain fog

Are you feeling anxious, stressed or mentally fuzzy? While there are many causes of brain fog, meditation1 combined with the power of omega-3 supplements can help.



What is brain fog?2

Brain fog is a phrase for symptoms that can impair one’s ability to think clearly. It manifests when our brain’s resources get depleted and can be caused by a number of health conditions, including lack of sleep, increased stress levels and depression.

How to get rid of brain fog

It’s no secret that our constantly connected lifestyle causes us to feel anxious. By bringing us into the present, mindfulness meditation can help reduce stress3 (and, consequently, brain fog) by focusing our attention on the here and now, resulting in an overall calmer, less reactive, and less muddled state of mind.

In combination with meditation, a dietary supplement may aid in reducing brain fog, as they are vital to the brain’s blood flow, its overall information processing capabilities and memory.4

Healthy fats, including omega-3 fatty acids4, are good dietary supplements for reducing brain fog. The necessary fatty acids contained in BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY OMEGA 3 1000 MG5 support brain function.



Remember to consult a medical expert if your symptoms of brain fog are severe or if they occur regularly. It may be a sign of an underlying medical issue.

The BIOPLUS® VIT-ALITY range is available at selected Dis-Chem and Clicks stores, as well as selected independent pharmacies nationwide. For more information, visit: and join the conversation on Facebook.


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