How to make your garden safe for your kids

Whether you are digging up earthworms, camping under the stars, or hiding Easter eggs, one thing is for certain, kids love playing in the garden. The garden is a great place to allow their imagination to run wild. Today, a patch of grass in the garden can be a spaceship, and tomorrow it is a classroom, the possibilities are endless when it comes to using your imagination, being creative and having fun. However, as caregivers, we need to ensure that our gardens are a safe space, for our kids to freely explore, and play in.



Here are three ways to ensure that your garden is a safe space for your smallies:

Fence off a secure play area:

We all know that children are curious by nature and have short attention spans. So, sectioning off a safe space for them to play in, gives us as parents peace of mind, and it provides freedom of movement to the kiddies. While a fence is a great starting point, to secure a safe space for your kiddies, this area also needs additional attention. It will need to be free from water features, poisonous plants, and sharp objects. This safe space for kiddies may include soft flooring and safe activities, for kiddies to freely play and explore in. A gorgeous, kiddies play area may also add value to your property, should other parents look at purchasing your property when you decide to sell.


Avoid Toxic Plants:

While most plants are beautiful to look at, not all of them are good to touch. Do your research on the plants in your fenced off kiddies’ area and ensure that they are ‘child safe.’ As we all know, those curious minds love to pick, lick and break off plants, to use as imaginary props for their made-up worlds and games. Fire sticks have been spoken about quite widely in school WhatsApp groups at the moment, as they are indigenous plants, and lovely to look at, but unfortunately, they are toxic to both children and animals. The white milk inside of them stings the skin and burns the eyes and should therefore be avoided in children’s play areas where they can reach them.



Give them their space:

Ensure the kiddies area is a kids only zone. While adults can safely view them from a distance, this space should be designed to be a kiddie’s paradise. Filled with soft play items, the cartoons of the season, and sensory play activities, suited to your child’s age and developmental milestones. Look at planting a veggie garden with the kids as this is always a fun, learning opportunity, where children can learn about different fruits and vegetables and watching their seedlings grow instils a sense of pride, while caring for their plants instils a sense of responsibility in these little humans.


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