Local gin brand gives back to nature

Drinking gin is now good for the environment, yip, you heard right. There’s never been a better reason to buy a bottle of gin before now. Still Bay born gin brand, Inverroche have just launched their first ever limited-edition packaging, of its Classic Gin, designed to help solitary bees.


A brand made by nature, gives back to nature

Cult-favourite gin brand, Inverroche, offers a bespoke range of craft gins. These gins are infused with fynbos from the dunes of the Cape Floral Kingdom. They’ve launched a limited-edition version of their Classic Gin, in packaging that has been specifically designed to offer solidarity bees a much-welcomed home. These little bee ‘hotels’ are called Inverroche Bee&Bee. The beautifully crafted wooden boxes, house the gin, and the packaging is then repurposed as a bee hotel.


Bee hotel

Solitary bees play a fundamental role in the pollination of the fynbos biome and in its long-term sustainability. Not all bees are honeybees, in fact, 90% are solitary bees that do not sting or produce honey. Solidarity bees are responsible for pollinating more than a third of the world’s crops. Inverroche Bee&Bee is a way of supporting solitary bees, which sadly have fewer natural nesting grounds. And because Inverroche is made by nature, it is a brand dedicated to helping nature.  Partnering with Chevonne Reynolds, biodiversity researcher and founder of the Jozi Bee Hotel Project, and Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson from sustainable furniture company, Houtlander, the brand has created bee hotels that are craft pieces in their own right.



Each Inverroche Bee&Bee box is made using invasive alien tree species and is designed to have multiple-sized holes, which mimic the holes the bees would use in nature. These are desperately needed because, solitary bees do not live in hives and do not rely on a queen to breed. So, when their natural nesting grounds disappear, so do their chances for survival. By breathing life into fynbos, bees sustain Inverroche’s home and bring a unique flavour to their products. So, now the brand is doing the same for them. Now gin connoisseurs who share the brands commitment to protecting the environment can help protect nature’s little helpers. Open your own Inverroche Bee&Bee today. With the festive season around the corner, consider gifting your loved ones with their very own bee hotel, as well as a refreshingly delicious gin.

Watch the full Inverroche Bee & Bee campaign video here: https://youtu.be/1lX3BJah0Qs
Shop Now:: https://www.ngf.co.za/collections/inverroche-bee-bee
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