Keep your skin and hair moisturised this winter with a few of our hydrating favourites

Winter is here babes, so light up those fireplaces, fill up those hot water bottles and bring those thermals forward, from the back of the cupboard. With these shorter days and longer nights, comes dry, itchy skin / hair, as well as skin redness and irritation. Having great skin all year around means adapting to these seasonal changes and even switching up the products in your beauty arsenal from time to time.


Kérastase is embracing self-expression through stylish beauty products, including the ChromaAbsolu range. The Kérastase team of visionary hairstylists know that in the realm of personal aesthetics, hair colour is the most powerful tool for self-expression. Chroma Absolu was created to break through hair science to deliver formulas that penetrate hair fibre to the very core, strengthening, resurfacing, de-frizzing and maintaining colour intensity. This range is made with powerful bio-acid formulas, but you’ll also notice the exquisite floral fragrance created by French perfumers Dominique Hazael-Massieux and Isabelle Abram, which only heighten the feeling of vibrance, style and sophistication.This range is sure to restore, enhance and rehydrate fibre from the inside out, banishing sensitivity, fizziness and brittle hair for good. RRP from R490



From genetics to sun damage, your skin is designed to endure a great deal. You can protect your skin from sun damage by using antioxidants like Vitamin C to help fight back and neautralise damaging molecules. Thereby helping the skin defend itself against stressors and to repair existing damage. The dermalogica Biolumin-C Gel Moisturiser defends against free radical damage to help even out skin tone and brighten complexion. This daily brightening gel provides weightless hydration and gives your skin a radiant boost for healthy looking skin. Use daily after cleansing and toning, by applying over the face and neck, with light, upward strokes. This formulation can be used both in the mornings and evenings. RRP R1 290,00


If you’re struggling with a dry, itchy scalp then you can say goodbye to your dry and irritated little scalp with this glass bottle of goodness – introducing the Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment. This treatment nourishes the scalp, restores imbalances and relieves irritation while revitalising your hair with nourishing essential oils. RRP R430


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