A few beauty tips that we learned from TikTok and the gram

While most people think that social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are just a great way to pass the time, but they can also be a great learning platform. Social media really is what you make of it. These are a few, fast tips that we’ve learned so far:



  1. Shaving: Planning to shave your legs? We recommend using hair conditioner, as opposed to expensive shaving creams or soap. We all have a bottle of conditioner that doesn’t quite give our hair the moisture it requires. So, use it to shave your legs. Your legs will be smoother, and you would’ve used a product that may have otherwise gone to waste.


  1. Deodorant: Keep a can of deodorant in your side door. Should you ever be in a position where you would want to use pepper spray, we recommend using deo instead. Pepper spray is heavy and often sprays back in the sprayers face, especially if you’re lower than your assailant, spraying upwards. With Deodorant, the aim is precise, it’s going to burn & blind your attacker and the fall back on you isn’t as harsh.


  1. Hand sanitiser: this is great topical gel to apply to blemishes on the skin. We apply some to an earbud, dab it onto the imperfection and leave it on, overnight. Then in the am, we apply a moisturising serum and extra moisturiser to the area. Our blemishes disappear ultra-fast now.


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