Big smiles this Winter

While we may not be having too many Netflix and chill hook-up sessions this year, we still need to know what our oral health options are. After all, a beautiful smile is the ultimate confidence booster. We have an award-winning power toothbrush, a vegan certified option, a French inspired toothpaste, created by a pharmacist.  Bright and fruity flavours imported from Switzerland, a water-flosser and a cinnamon floss for good measure.


Six brands we recommend:

GUM Sonic Toothbrush:

Ivohealth has just launched their new GUM SONIC SENSITIVE toothbrush range and it’s in pink and green. This toothbrush promises to remove 50% more plaque from teeth than a manual toothbrush, it’s an award winning toothbrush, and it’s affordable at R320 for a power brush, you get an extra deep clean thanks to the double tapered bristles and it’s designed for people who have sensitive teeth. RRP R320. Vitality point certified.



Jordan toothpaste:

While the toothpaste isn’t new to market, the packaging is now made with recyclable toothpaste tubes. They’ve also dropped the box and no longer offer a box as a packaging option, as part of the brands energy and environmental innovations. The stay fresh adult toothpaste range is vegan certified, and includes xylitol fluoride protection with zinc, mint, and fluoride. While the white smile range is aimed at removing daily stains from colourants such as tea, and coffee and results can be seen as soon as just 1 week after regular use. RRP R21.99 and currently available on a 3 for 2 special, at the time of publishing. Vitality point certified.



Elgydium toothpaste:

This French paste was created by a pharmacist, more than 50 years ago, by a brand called the Pierre Fabre Group. Which is now the second largest private, French pharmaceutical group worldwide. Their toothpaste claims to offer 66% less dental plaque in 4 weeks.* This formulation also keeps gums healthy, as plaque can lead to cavities, tooth loss and gum disease. RRP R59.95. Vitality point certified.



Curaprox toothpaste:

Swiss oral healthcare brand, Curaprox is making toothpaste fun, colourful and exciting, again with its ‘Be you’ range. Featuring 6 enticing flavours, this whitening toothpaste offers a taste for every day of the week, every mood, and everybody. The range transforms your daily mundane routine from a necessary chore into a fun moment to be enjoyed. Choose from flavours like Daydreamer (Blackberry & Licorice), Pure Happiness (apricot and peach), Rising Star (Grapefruit & Bergamot), Explorer (Apple & Aloe), Candy Lover (Watermelon), and my personal favourite the Challenger for its naughty-but-nice flavour of Gin Tonic and Persimmon flavor. Curaprox Be You toothpaste is available online from the Curaprox SA website at RRP of R220 for a 90ml tube.




Clinical research has shown that brushing is simply not enough, you also need to floss as part of your oral health routine. The Waterpik® Water Flosser is a more effective way to floss. Water flossing is fast and easy and leaves your mouth feeling great – cleaner teeth, healthier gums. Best of all, it only takes a minute a day before brushing. Its patented pulsating action removes plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas deep between teeth and below the gum-line where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach. This makes the Waterpik® water flosser ideal for implants and essential for braces for superior plaque removal R1299 available from Dischem



Cinnamon floss:

Now you can floss like a boss with this exciting new flavoured floss. Keeping your teeth clean has never tasted better before. This floss comes in a range of refreshing flavours, it’s candelila wax-covered and hosts a slightly textured thread. It’s carefully designed to remove plaque while keeping your teeth clean and fresh. This floss is housed in environmentally friendly packaging, it’s vegan, cruelty-free and xylitol enriched. R139.99 available in cinnamon, fresh mint, charcoal, and lemon from


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