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We are living in a digital world where we are connected to one another through smart technologies. With the latest tech advancement, online shopping is becoming more convenient and safer, therefore more popular amongst customers across all industries. This is true even in industries such as the car-buying market which was traditionally a physical process.

Browsing for your new or pre-owned car, arranging a test drive at a trusted dealership, organising finance and trade-ins, as well as booking car services at approved workshops can now be done online, and it’s definitely the way to go! is the ideal online platform that offers all of the above and more.

Purchasing a new vehicle can be quite an emotional decision fraught with lots of research and decision-making. Once you’ve purchased your new car, however, it’s always fun to accessorize to make your journey even smoother. Here are the five most popular car accessories you can buy easily online:

  1. Boot organizer

This useful organizing caddy is easy to set up and use. You simply pop it in your boot area (most do come with a carabiner hook to secure to an area in your boot to prevent sliding). A great option for keeping things organized in your boot, from kids’ sports equipment to art and hobby supplies, and is really great for groceries.

Where can I get it? Amazon, Takealot


  1. Hanging car diffuser

We all hate that stuffy stale smell that can arise in our cars.  A really easy way to keep your car smelling fresh is to hang a car diffuser on your dashboard or from your rearview mirror.  Top up your diffusor with a variety of essential oil scents for a long-lasting solution.  You can use any essential oil that you enjoy in-car diffusers, just make sure that it isn’t too relaxing, you need to be alert when driving!

Where can I get it? Etsy, Takealot, One Deal A Day



  1. Car hooks

We all experience the problem of climbing into a car and not knowing what to do with our bags or packets.  We end up putting them on the floor – only to discover later that the kids have stepped on them, or they have fallen over, and all the contents have dropped out. A really cool solution to keeping your car interior neat and tidy, and your belongings clean and off the floor are these nifty car hooks.

Where can I get it? Takealot, Wish, Amazon



  1. Bluetooth car adapter

For those of us with older model cars that do not have an auxiliary connection function.  This device will allow you to connect wirelessly for listening to music.

Where can I get it? Amazon, Takealot



  1. Microfiber cloth

This cloth is the holy grail when it comes to keeping your car clean. Great for cleaning grime, they are non-abrasive and very absorbent. Handy for quick cleans enabling you to keep your car clean and maintaining its value. Easy to wash and reuse.

Where can I get it? Takealot, Superbalist, Amazon



With you will experience a convenient, simple and safe car buying journey that will leave you smiling and eager to accessorize.


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