The five things you didn’t know your underarms needed

It’s a Sher thing had an exclusive interview with Zaweer Ebrahim from Playgirl deodorant, to give us tips on how to care for your under-arms. Just like the rest of your body, your underarms need some attention. He lists five things to remember to get your underarms in tip top condition:

The basics

Due to the shape of the underarm and the way that the skin folds in this region, extra care should be taken to properly cleanse the underarm. Following the cleansing routine, it’s also important to dry the area properly to ensure that no moisture remains. With the lack of airflow in that area, it’s not likely to dry by itself.

Regular exfoliation

Just like the rest of your skin, the underarm area benefits from regular exfoliation. This regular dead skin removal assists with unclogging pores and reduces oil build-up. If you use a scrub or exfoliating product, be sure to rinse the area carefully before cleansing and drying.

Gentle hair removal

If you choose to remove the hair under your arms, do so gently. As a starting point, make sure that you’ve recently cleansed the area using warm water, and that the skin is warm, wet, and lathered. If you’re prone to ingrown hairs, cover the area in moisturiser the night before to ensure a smooth shave the following day. Regular changing of your razor blade is also recommended.



Hydration from time to time

Once again, just like the rest of your skin, this area of the body also requires moisturisation! Use a light moisturiser on your underarms in the evening so that the hydration has time to sink in. In the morning, a quick cleanse will remove any residue and ready the underarms for your favourite Playgirl perfumed roll-on and body spray to keep you smelling and feeling great.

Choose products that care for your skin 

Choosing a product for your underarm area is often based only on smell, but there are other factors that should be considered too: find a product that does not dry or irritate your skin, how the product feels on application and how it makes your skin feel.

Ebrahim says that taking proper care of your underarms is an easy addition to your beauty routine, “many of these daily habits we’re already doing for the rest of the skin on our bodies – it’s just time we did the same for our underarms to make sure they stay healthy, as well as, smelling and looking great.”


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