Three fresh, tantalising, foodie launches

We are in the midst of what feels like Winter. We are cold, cuddled up and comfortable at home. The only thing you need to accompany you during your next movie marathon (other than a blanket, and a hot water bottle) are some new, delicious, foodie launches. This is what is new in the sustenance zoo.


Savanna cider, chilled chilli:

South Africans love to spice things up and Savanna gets this! This is why this refreshing, premium cider is both crisp and dry, and now it’s available with hints of chilli and ginger. Savanna Chilled Chilli is here and it’s got more spice than black twitter. Chilli like you’ve never experienced it – crisp, dry and utterly refreshing. With a spicy, peppery flavour, a hint of zestiness and a refreshing crisp Savanna taste, it is the spiciest variant to get your hands on! Serve Chilled AF with a lemon in the neck for that mouth-watering and refreshing crisp and dry  Savanna taste.

330ml, 6 pack retails for around R89.99 at all good liquor stores.


McCain Crispers:

Crispers are a tasty and crunchy concept, brought to life in a unique shape that allows for serving versatility and appeals to all ages (top, dip or scoop them). Donovan Goliath suggests that they are the ‘lovechild of a potato and a taco’; it looks like a wedge but it tastes crunchy like a french fry. These patented v-cut style chips are set to reinvent the category and make the humble potato the main event in any entertainment situation. This cut delivers a crispy bite every time and the product holds shape and texture brilliantly, ensuring the end result is crispy and delicious. The skin is left on for a rustic feel and the ridges create extra fun. McCain Crispers can be found in the frozen aisle of SA’s major retailers and a 750g packet retails for about R44.99.


Future farm:

Future Farm offers a range of meatless meats that incorporate plant-based proteins such as chickpeas, peas, lentils, beans, and soya, as well as protein-rich whole grains, nuts and seeds.  Their plant-based burgers, meatballs, mince, and sausages are the result of years of research and cutting-edge tech-driven product development. Using only sustainably farmed, natural ingredients they have come up with a plant-based meat alternative that tastes, feels, and cooks like meat, and has a similar balance of nutrients and essential amino acids. So, you can just do a straight swap. Meat burgers off your shopping list, Future burgers on. Available from Checkers at a retail value of around R64.99 for 230g – 275g depending on whether you purchase the meatballs, burger patties, sausages or mince.


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