Our girls trip to Cape Town – day 1

A few weeks ago, I was so blessed to be invited to Cape Town, with a partner, for two days of bliss.

Initially, I was not planning to go. As fun as it looked like it would be, work was really busy and stressful and I didn’t want to take time off and risk dropping any balls or letting any work pile up in my absence.

Then one evening, something traumatic happened and it made me reevaluate and remember that life is short. So if you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary and fun, do it! And so I invited my girlfriend Dan and we booked our flights and headed off to the Cape.

This was a sponsored media trip and was an absolute treat and privilege to have been a part of. We arrived in Sunny CT on a Sunday. We jumped in a mini bus with the other journalists and got to know each other on the way to the hotel. It was so lovely to put faces to names.

We then arrived at the most magnificent hotel, the Cullinan hotel. All I wanted to do was lie by the pool like a beached whale and drink mimosas, but alas. The team at getWorth and Motus had other plans for us.

At the biker bar, with our biker buffs

We changed from maxi dresses to pants and t-shirts and popped outside for a sidecar experience. I’ve never been in a sidecar before. And should you ever be in the cape, I can highly recommend you book this experience with cape sidecars we put on helmets, biker jackets, and biker buffs and we were off. This sidecar experience is so great for tourists, even for a bachelorette or a birthday bash. Best of all, you’re supporting local.

Each sidecar was named after a woman – Tammy, Candy, Sexy, Gypsey…. Were these bikes named after the owners’ ex-wives? we’ll never know. Our sidecar had an extra sidekick, Brody, the dog 🤣 kitted out with his very own custom dog goggles to keep his eyes safe at all times. Follow him on Instagram over here this was the best way to see local sights, in a fun, safe, instagrammable way.

The sidecars may look daunting but they only travel at about 50km per hour, so it really gives you enough time to take in the scenery. Our first stop was a biker bar. This is the sidecar home base, where they make custom liquor such as gin, lemon shots, and more. It was a feel-good, lekker local experience. After some nibbles and a few shots, we were on our way again.

We made our way up Chapman’s peak where we enjoyed some bubbles while staring at the sprawling views and taking in how grateful we were for this experience.

Kudos to getWorth and Motus cars for showing us vehicles in a way we would’ve never experienced before. After Chapman’s peak, we headed down to Hout Bay to have some mojitos at the road on the road bar. This was such a fun way to meet new ppl and this first activity was a definite ice breaker.

My only advice for this activity is: wear pants, apply SPF50 sunscreen and enjoy yourself! This was a 4h excursion.

We were then brought back to the hotel where we could shower and change before being treated to a magnificent buffet dinner. A glass of ice-cold water with mint and lemon, after a day in the sun, went down an absolute treat! As did the wide selection of summer salads, seasonal fruits, local cuisine, and tasty treats.

I had the avocado ritz, oxtail, lamb carvery, salads, and creme brûlée and they all went down an absolute treat. I could then go to bed a very happy, well-fed, slightly sunburned lady that evening.

We headed to the room, pumped the aircon, and caught up on the day’s activities, before heading off to bed. Come back tomorrow to find out what we did on day 2 of our adventure.

A big shout-out must also be given to Celeste at CH communications who executed this event flawlessly. I know from personal experience how much work goes into media trips. But no detail was overlooked and we felt like VIP’s throughout the entire experience. I would love to work with Celeste again and it’s safe to say that her clients are in great hands here.


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