Gamer, Grant Hinds, Chose the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor to Get a Competitive Edge

For Grant Hinds, every single frame of a competitive TV game matters. This is why the famous gaming aficionado made a carefully calculated decision when he added the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor to his in-home gaming arsenal. Speed, performance, and essential details like 240Hz caught the attention of this seasoned gamer.


“On a competitive shooter game, the frame rate matters as much as it would have to a cowboy, in a duel to the death at high noon”, says Grant. The impressive refresh rate on the Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor is a big tick box for any gamer looking for that competitive edge. This monitor’s lightning-fast 240Hz refresh rate eliminates lag, freeing you to react in real-time. South Africa’s many gamers demand exceptional immersion, performance, image quality, and industry-defining visual design. Grant believes the country’s passionate gamers need to look no further than the Samsung Curved Gaming monitor.


Its G-Sync compatibility demolishes image tears, stuttering, and screen-lag for exceptionally smooth gaming. While the G in G-Sync doesn’t necessarily stand for Grant, this passionate gamer wholeheartedly trusts his monitor as he takes on the best-of-the-best in Livestream games.  As vivid scenes wrap around you, the all-encompassing 1000R display fills every part of your peripheral vision and draws you right into the character’s shoes. You can then experience a level of gaming that’s heart-pounding and completely immersive.



As someone who is about to happily start a new chapter in his life, with both a fiancé and a baby in his immediate future plans, Grant has also embraced the value-for-money his Samsung curved gaming monitor offers. He describes this innovative gaming technology as having the performance of a Formula 1 car without the huge price tag. As Grant says, “This is a premium gaming experience where your on-screen performance is as swift as your own reflexes. If you are as good as you think you are, this gaming monitor will prove it.”


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