Load Shedding Kit from the Crazy Store

Load shedding is back, and while there is not much that we can do to stop it, we can purchase a few affordable items to make our lives a little easier. See below, a few items that I will be purchasing from The Crazy Store, to be prepared for when load shedding hits again. And nope, we don’t have fairy lights, candles, and lighters in this list, although those items are all available from your nearest Crazy Store too!



Solar Garden Light Plastic Lantern (R79.99) SKU 051-600718

We have a garden and it can be a little scary staring outside the window into complete darkness. These plastic lanterns look more expensive than they are, and they’re solar-powered. Now your garden can always be well lit, saving electricity when there is power and illuminating your garden when load shedding hits.

If you have children at home, they may not want to eat, bath, or go to bed in complete darkness. These tea light candles create a lovely ambiance in the room, provide light and they are a safer option than regular candles. You can let your children fall asleep with these candles lit and you can come past and turn them off later.



Torch COB with Magnet (R29.99) each KU 048-000864

These magnetic torches can be placed on the fridge or stuck to a metal bedside table, so they can always be easily found should the power go out unexpectedly.



Super Heavy Duty Battery Size AA,  8 Pack (R29.99) SKU 046-000012-A

It is essential to have a few spare sets of batteries at home. Have a pack of these handy and be able to replace a set of fairy lights or your torch at any time.


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