Planning a wedding is such a happy, joyful experience. You’re in a love bubble, and you’re excited to take this new step in your relationship and enter this new phase of your life. It really is the happiest time of your life. It can of-course also be a stressful time – trying to get your vision to align with your budget. Cutting down the guest list, deciding where to get married, what to feed your guests and more.

One thing that can make your big day a little easier is having a supplier list on hand, of tried and trusted people. We shopped around a lot, and this is who we used.



Marriage contract: Wynand Du Plessis

These attorneys may be based in Roodepoort, which is a good 40-minute drive from Bryanston which is where I live. However, they’re totally worth it. These lawyers understand that most people getting married, are young couples who are still building their wealth. They were the most affordable, compared to the seven attorneys I looked into, and they were highly professional.

The attorneys explained the purpose of a marriage contract, what an accrual / no accrual means and what in means to get married in and out of community of property. They do not try to pursued you in any direction, but rather give you all the information available, and allow you to make an informed decision. The attorney’s are very clear on what is and what is not allowed in the contract and how everything works. They were quick, they’re efficient, honest and affordable. I would recommend them to anyone looking to draw up a marriage contract

Contact details below:

30 Rex Street, Roodeport 1724

(011) 760 1058/9  /



Marriage officiant: Tyronne Eilenberg

I went to school with Tyronne and we’ve been Facebook friends for years, so I’ve literally seen him marry just about every person I went to school with and it has been a beautiful journey to watch. Tyronne was one of the first people to congratulate us after we got engaged and he seemed like a natural fit as he wasn’t a stranger, for such a special day. While he is a Christian Pastor, he also does non-denominational weddings which is exactly what we wanted.

He was well prepared and had some great templates to follow which made the process an absolute breeze. Tyronne was affordable and efficient and followed our requests to the tee. He added in a few personal touches which we absolutely loved too. I would highly recommend Tyronne to marry you. P.S. his wife is a great photographer if you would like to chat to them about a package deal.

Contact Tyronne on:



Dance lessons:

Your first dance is so important, it’s how you introduce yourself to the world as a married couple. We met up with Courtney de Jager from Jenee Dance Company in Randburg. We were really impressed with their service. Courtney is a dance pro and makes you feel super comfortable and at ease. She choreographed our entire dance, and worked within our limitations. She added in some gorgeous lifts, jumps and even a death drop and it was oh-so-fabulous. Courtney understood that we both worked, and she fitted in with our schedule, at times even seeing us at 20h00. I loved our sessions with her. They were sensual, and so much fun. We’ve still got two sessions left and I’m so excited to get my dancing shoes back on. See a snippet of our first dance here.

Contact Courtney here:


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