Self tan: finding your perfect shade is as easy as ABC

Summer is here and so are floral bikinis, open-toe sandals, and weekends away at the coast. We all know that a strategically applied self-tanner is able to transform you into the bronzed goddess you’ve always known that you could be. No matter if your skin tone is pale, or a shade of olive, self-tanner looks good on absolutely everyone. A little bronzed glow this Summer will instantly make you feel more confident. With so many options on the market, allow us to assist you in finding your perfect shade, to compliment your natural skin tone, and to keep you looking like a natural beauty. Finding your perfect shade really is as easy as A, B, C.

Firstly, you’ll need to identify your skin tone

Skin type A:

This is for people who have a naturally fair complexion and usually burn easily when they go into the sun. If you struggle to get a natural tan and often end up going red and peeling. Then you would identify as having skin type A.

Skin type B:

This is for people who have a medium complexion and who only burn sometimes when exposed to the suns’ rays. These people usually only get burnt in Summer and are able to achieve a natural tan quite quickly, when they are exposed to the sun. If your skin reacts to sunshine quite quickly and tans easily then you would most probably identify as having skin type B.

Skin type C:

This is for people who have a naturally dark complexion, and who rarely burn when exposed to the sun. If you rarely get sunburn when exposed to the sun and tend to darken quite quickly, then you likely have a darker skin tone and would identify as having skin type C.

It is important to select the right product for your skin tone, in order to achieve the best results. These products are specifically designed with your skin tone in mind. And if you select a product that is too far away from your natural skin-tone shade, you may not achieve the desired look you were hoping to achieve. If you’re a skin type A, rather use the product designed for you, and look at applying two coats of self-tan. Don’t jump immediately into trying a product designed for a skin type C and vice versa.

Next up you’ll need to decide which type of self-tanner works best for you, as naturally, Caribbeantan has something for everyone. You can select between an instant tanner, which is perfect for when you’re on your way out and want to look tanned NOW. Or a gradual tanner, this is great if you’re a little nervous and would prefer to build up your tan over a few hours.

Then lastly, please select your application method. This really is a personal preference. Are you more comfortable handling a mousse, a spritzer or an aerosol? Feel free to try different products, until you find the perfect application method for you and your lifestyle. And finally, always use a tanning mitt when applying a self-tanner J


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