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I apologise for my radio silence over the last 6 weeks. I didn’t give up blogging, I was just pouring from an empty cup and something had to give. Unfortunately, that something was my passion project, it’s a Sher thing. I’ve literally gone through the worst time of my life, alone, by choice. I’ve also experienced the most intense happiness over the past few weeks. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster. I’ve been battling, but I’ve finally made it out the other side…. Stronger, hotter and ready to take the bull by its horns again. I also have a new announcement to make (no, I’m not pregnant).


Some of these painful and HAPPY experiences will be turned into upcoming blog posts:

  • I LOST MY JOB: I lost my job, and the emotional impact that has on your self-confidence, self-value and ego.
  • Why you need to save for a rainy day and financial planning for the future.
  • THE WEDDING: I have about 5 blog posts surrounding this – from my supplier list, the good, the bad and the guys who should be reported, guest etiquette, and more
  • THE KITCHEN TEA and the shimmer shots that everyone keeps DMing me about
  • MOVING HOME and recommended suppliers
  • GOING THROUGH THE DARKEST TIMES ALONE and how I found strength from within and turned that pain into power
  • My favourite wines, gins and vodka’s
  • Beauty reviews: How to look better than you feel on the daily

The first one will be going live this week.

Thank you for your ongoing love and support fam! Feel free to leave me some hearts on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Your engagement helps keep me paid.


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