The Squadcast is back with Penny Lebyane, Roxy Burger and Melody Molale

The team behind Bernini – SA’s most loved real Natural Sparkling Grape Frízzante. Is back with another episode of The Squadcast on Sunday 5 September – with new host Penny Lebyane in the driving seat.  This episode is set to spark lively conversation with ‘hot’ topics related to the world of Media and Social Media under discussion.

Phenomenal women this women’s month

Lebyane will once again be joined by her influential squad of phenomenal women who will share their personal stories and insights into subjects that matter to women, ranging from ‘Is Cancel Culture a positive thing?’ to ‘Why being an influencer is a real job’. Their lively conversations and sharp wit are set to leave viewers entertained and ready to take on the world.

The celebs

Glamorous entrepreneur and digital content creator Melody Molale, popular television presenter and entertainment personality Roxy Burger and entrepreneur Nomndeni Mdakhi – a passionate proponent of female empowerment, and founder of Agenda Women – are the phenomenal women who will once again join Lebyane in conversation. These are all stylish successful women from the entertainment and broader business industries who hustle in sparkling style, yet always make time to support the women in their lives.

First launched as a podcast series during Women’s Month in 2020, The Squadcast has stepped up and is now being presented as engaging YouTube video content, reaching millions of women across SA – and for the first-time audiences have a view of guests and the infectious energy they bring to each conversation.

With this new visual and audio format of The Squadcast, Bernini aims to inspire women to embrace all that they are – mothers, sisters, wives, friends, career professionals and so much more – and to have the courage to stand up to a world that tends to stereotype women into one -dimensional roles. The Squadcast is a space where women can find strength and support in a network of women connected across SA, and where they can go to find inspiration to succeed in the workplace and in their personal lives.

The first episode of the YouTube series kicked off on Monday 9 August – National Women’s Day – with new host Penny Lebyane in the driving seat. This spirited conversation which focuses on Feminism and Women’s Rights is accessible on YouTube HERE.

Let’s hear from Bernini

Bernini Marketing Manager Tania Kotze says “We introduced The Squadcast in August last year, and we are proud of how quickly it has become a safe and open space for our guests to share their vulnerabilities, their views and their stories. These honest topics are relevant and resonate with women from all walks of life. With this series we want to unlock the power of women-helping-women, as the key to rising above difficult circumstances. We want to drive home the message that, no matter what their situation may be, there is a way for women to rise above and live their purpose.”


Anyone who would like to be part of the Bernini Squadcast conversation on social media can visit the Facebook page or follow Bernini on Instagram @BerniniSA and Twitter @BerniniSA.


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