NEW: Coca-Cola No Sugar

Nothing tastes quite as refreshing, on a sweltering summer’s day, than a Coca-Cola, with a slice of fresh lemon and lots of ice right? That is until Coca-Cola No Sugar was launched! You may have heard about it, but one thing is for sure, the thrill is in the first sip.

Could this be the “Best Coke Ever?”

In a bold move, Coca-Cola is launching a delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola No Sugar option. In a hard-to-miss can redesign, providing consumers with a more refreshing experience that’s true to the iconic Coca-Cola taste. The  improved adaptation, aims to please the existing Coca-Cola No Sugar fanbase, and will replace the current one  starting this month.

All ingredients remain the same, except for the blend of further optimised flavours that deliver a more refreshing and delicious taste punch. “We have seen accelerated growth of the Coca-Cola No Sugar brand in South Africa since launching the new recipe in 2016. The change in packaging is a momentous step for us. Product design is one of the first tangible elements that a consumer engages with. We want everyone who comes into contact with the Coca-Cola No Sugar improved formulation to have an all-encompassing experience. One that is led by a crispier, more delicious, and refreshing first sip, still with zero calories,” said Michelle Cloete, Frontline Marketing Director, South Africa Franchise.

Easy identification

A red can with black Spencerian script font will now denote the new Coca-Cola No Sugar product cans for ease of identification. The new design is simplified. “We’ve also taken voluntary actions by providing clear and easy to understand nutrition information about what’s inside our drinks so people can make informed choices. The introduction of Coca-Cola No Sugar is in line with more comprehensive actions the company is undertaking to evolve our recipes, help reduce sugar in its soft drink portfolio and offer consumers a choice of low and no-sugar drinks, including smaller pack sizes “, Cloete concluded.


Coca-Cola No Sugar is available in various pack sizes and packaging. Such as cans, PET plastic bottles, Returnable Glass Bottles and Returnable PET Plastics Bottles across the country. In celebration of the new Coca-Cola No Sugar launch, the global soft drinks giant will be putting the taste test squarely in the hands of the consumers. South Africans will be invited to try the new recipe and answer the question: Is the brand-new Coca-Cola No Sugar, in fact, the “Best Coke Ever?”

Coca-Cola No Sugar fanatics across the country are encouraged to keep an eye out on social media for all the upcoming high-energy, upbeat campaign activities. Popular digital influencers across various social media platforms will be putting the reimagined Coca-Cola No Sugar taste through its sensory paces. The campaign will also feature a classically fun and quirky TV Commercial that reminds brand fanatics that in true Coca-Cola style, fun and refreshment are always just a sip away.

Is this the “Best Coke Ever?” – A question that immediately invites you to the taste debate the moment it escapes your mouth.

Will you be giving the new Coca-Cola No Sugar a thumbs up…or two?


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