Wedding Wednesday: 3 places I NEVER wear my engagement ring

I can’t believe I’ve been engaged for 2 years already, it literally feels like it just happened the other day. We’ve just been enjoying this special time being engaged and being in love with each other. I’m finally ready to start planning my wedding! Yippee!!

So we decided not to have an engagement party and rather start saving for the wedding itself. Logistics played a major role in this decision as our family is scattered all over the country, so we thought it an expensive exercise to ask them all to come together to celebrate our engagement, we celebrated together and it was magical.

I am so in love with my ring, I catch myself staring at it all the time, depending on the lighting I can see all the colours of the rainbow in it, I’m absolutely obsessed. I really try to take care of it, as I want it to look as good as it does now, for as long as possible.

That’s why there are 3 places you’ll never see me wear my engagement ring and here they are:

I never wear my ring when I’m sleeping, whether it’s an afternoon nap or if I’m going to bed for the evening. If you do some research you’ll see, ring designers actually advise against sleeping with your ring on as the prongs can catch on the sheets and bend which can result in your diamond falling out. I certainly don’t have time to lose my diamond due to a loose prong, that’s for sure.


I don’t wear my ring to the gym either. While my band is made of platinum, I can’t help but feel the metal on metal when weight lifting (even baby weights) cannot be good for it. Also, sweating all over my gorgeous diamond is just not something I want to be doing right now. I’m pretty sure gyming with your ring on will scratch the metal and over time, it may even bend the metal. While a diamond is strong enough to cut through glass, I’m pretty sure they can be chipped if not handled with care.


Lastly, I don’t wear my ring when I shower or swim, shampoo, body wash, and facial cleansing chemicals can’t be good for my little sparkler. I do however wear my diamond when I wash the dishes, I ensure the water is warm and there’s some Sunlight dishwashing liquid in the water. I’m really gentle with both my dishes and my ring, after washing the dishes, I gently rub my ring with a soft bristle toothbrush that I keep by the cleaning supplies under the sink, I rub the bristles under the diamond as that’s where cream, etc tends to build up.

Other than that, I wear her everywhere.

Do you wear your ring all the time or do you also take it off when you do certain things? Let me know below.

Photo by Jose Martinez on Unsplash



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