A Candid Review: A basic facial at SCIN

I don’t know about you, but over the last 1.5 years I’ve found it more difficult than usual to unwind and relax. I’ve been a little more stressed out than usual, with the pandemic, the civil unrest, planning the wedding, work, it’s all just been a bit much. I haven’t been practicing my regular self-care routine, and I haven’t been sleeping as well at night. So, I’m starting to change that, immediately, it’s time to unwind and reset with a little luxury all around me (must be the Libra in me) by nurturing myself both physically and mentally. Wellness needs to be a priority for us all. For me that looks like brisk walks, long baths, digital detoxes, tea before bed, massages and facials.

After I published a recent article on my website about this gorgeous skin clinic in Hyde Park, offering complimentary skin analysis to new clients for the month of July. They very generously invited me to come in and experience a pampering and relaxing basic facial. Like any beauty loving woman, I very happily agreed.

The Clinic:

Located in the posh, bustling suburb of Hyde Park,  in Hyde Park Corner. On the 6th floor, just next to the Nut Lady, lies the beautiful blue clinic, called SCIN, on your right. This opulent salon offers skin treatments, slimming treatments and more. The white walls, cool blue colours and strategically placed orchids really set the scene for an ultra-luxurious experience. As I walked in, I was welcomed with smiling faces, full COVID-19 protocols were instilled, and I was offered a glass of iced water. I filled in a questionnaire and then I was taken to a treatment room by the most professional therapist. The clinic is clean and simple, with elegant touches of orchids throughout.


The Consult:

I experienced a personalised and highly detailed 15m consult with my skincare therapist. Discussing my skincare concerns, what treatments are available and what products I can use/purchase to get better results. I was left at ease and feeling confident after this detailed experience. My therapist understood my skincare concerns and I was confident that she would help me turn things around. I was then asked to change into a towel and was left alone for a few mins.

The experience:

I love that the room has charcoal walls, with dim lighting. This combined with the gentle background music makes for a blissful experience. I was treated to a Lamelle facial which consists of a cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extraction, and masque. Between the serums, scrubs and massages was a light, yet pleasant, aromatic, essential oil scent. Which left one feeling relaxed, cleansed, and rejuvenated. There was a lovely (much needed) neck massage involved and the entire experience was sensational. My skin concerns were fine lines, dull, dry, looking skin. I left looking glowing and hydrated. I even felt confident enough to walk around without makeup on. However, we all know that even a great facial only leaves you with a golden glow for about 5-7 days before our skin returns to its dehydrated self. Unless we change something in our routine.


I am getting married in 5 weeks and I’m looking forward to starting a wedding skincare journey with this clinic. Will I be doing micro needling, peels, or hydrating facials? Watch this space to see before and after shots of my experience.



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