Orbit Gum’s New Ad Campaign

Orbit South Africa has just released a new Ad and it is absolutely hilarious. This ad does an incredibly good job at creating excitement and humour around life after lockdown.

About the ad

For the past 18 months South Africans have been fantasizing about life after lockdown. Now that the country is fully engaged in the vaccination programme, it seems well within our grasp. We are finally entering a space where we can start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And we are starting to get motivated to immerse ourselves into living our best lives yet. This ad depicts the moment when lockdown comes to an end, in a humorous, exaggerated way that gives South African’s a much-needed boost of hope, that (responsible) socialising is indeed on the horizon.

The caveman, the panic buyer and the pizza lover

The excitement and thrill for a return to normality is shown in a variety of scenarios. Including a man who resembles a caveman eyeing out a pack of Orbit when it’s announced over the radio that it’s time to see people again, a woman rising from a mountain of old pizza boxes, a toilet paper hoarder peeking out skeptically from behind his door, and people running like their lives depend on it, to finally embrace one another in open air.

This ad demonstrates Orbit’s ability to give us that ‘Zing’ and confidence needed for when it’s time to emerge from lockdown. The purpose of the ad is to instill a sense of excitement after a very dark period. And to send out a message that Orbit is there to make one feel fresh and ready. According to Andi Wright, Marketing Director at Mars, “The whole aim of this advert is to boost the mood of those watching it and bring back that energy that most of us left in 2019. Gum instantly makes one feel fresh, and after 18 months of limited interactions, fresh is what we want to feel.”

Here’s to seizing the moment and living life to the fullest!

Watch the ad here: https://youtu.be/IsTuleq-1VE


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