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by | Jul 20, 2021

Hi guys,

I recently had some skin tags removed and wanted to let you know what my experience was like. This is not a sponsored post at all, it’s just a review of my experience so you know what to expect.

I went to a private hospital about 15 mins from where I live, and I saw a female doctor. It took about 15 mins to get into the hospital, due to COVID-19 protocols. You will need to fill in an online form, so bring your cell with. Next up, I sanitised my hands, and received my ‘screened’ sticker. I went to the main reception to look for dermatology and that was when I realised I had parked on the wrong side of the property. Anyway, it was a quick 10 minute walk there.

I rushed to dermatology, sanitised again and signed in. I confirmed that my details were correct and then took a seat. It was a 55 minute wait, which wasn’t too impressive. My appointment was for 10h00 and I only went in at 10h57. I would’ve appreciated a call saying they’re running late as I would’ve rather left home 40 mins later than sitting at the hospital, in a room full of patients waiting.

Mole mapping:

I asked the dermatologist if we could please do mole mapping, and if I could then have the two small, white, skin tags on my neck removed. My doctor was really thorough. She started at the wrist, looked all the way down the arm, under it, and examines every little mole and beauty spot she sees, with a little dermlight. It’s not painful at all. She was super thorough, and checked my entire body from head to toe. This took about 10 mins in total. All of my moles were fine.

Previously (5 years ago), I had a mole shaved off. The mole was between my breasts and would rub against my bra, bleed, and annoy me, so I wanted it removed. I was so super nervous but the extraction was quick and painless. Doctor injects the area with local anesthetic, which is a little burn/prick, really not sore at all (and I’m a baby). She then used a small blade to remove the mole and then uses like a cortorising tool to burn it. You do not feel any pain, you just smell the burn, which isn’t great but it is quick. She then put a plaster on it, a few days later the mole fell off and I didn’t even have a scar afterwards. I highly recommend having mole mapping done annually, we live in a country that has so much beautiful sunshine, which puts us at a higher risk for skin cancer, so having your moles examined annually could literally save your life. Please do it – you are so worth it.

Skin tag removal:

When the doctor examined me, she pointed out that I actually had four skin tags on my neck. I could only see two, but once she pointed out all four, I noticed them and agreed to the removal of them all. I was so nervous, I was sweating! There was nothing to stress about. She injected each of the four little sites with local anesthetic, she then burnt them each – no pain whatsoever. And then covered them up with a little plaster. That was it. She said give them a few days, they will then fall off and you shouldn’t have any scars.

I removed the plasters the day after. They weren’t sore, but they looked a little angry, shame. The once white skin tags were now little black burns and the skin around them is red. So they look worse now, but I know they will look ok again soon. Now I’m waiting for them to fall off. The skin tags were so small, they never really bothered me, I just thought while I was there, let’s do it.


  • For mole mapping and the removal of four skin tags, it cost me about R2 700 which I needed to pay upfront and claim from medical aid. I’m on Discovery Classic Saver, they paid about R1500, and I had to pay R1200 myself. I know that all dermatologists charge different amounts, and some take medical aid. While others request payment upfront and ask you to claim back from your medical aid. This is just a guide to hopefully help you 🙂
    • The doctors time was about R1050 for the consult
    • The mole mapping was about R283
    • The removal of the skin tags was about R1020
    • The rest, about R180,  was consumables (gloves, needles, local etc)

This was a quick, painless experience and I would highly recommend having skin tags removed, if you have any that bother you. I’m now waiting for the scabs to heal and fall off. I should then be left without any skin tags or scars. I hope this short review of my experience helps you.

Have a great day and stay warm!

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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