Five fresh, Fabulous, Foodie Launches

We are in the midst of Winter. We are cold, cuddled up and comfortable at home. The only thing you need to accompany you during your next movie marathon (other than a blanket and a hot water bottle) are some new, delicious, foodie launches. This is what is new in the sustenance zoo.


We know BOS best for their rooibos-based drinks, and health-shots, but this brand has just launched a full-bodied, premium, organic rooibos espresso range. We love that this range bears the Rainforest Alliance seal, with their hot tea products following suit. This is the definition of a feel-good cuppa. This espresso range is made with fine cut, organic rooibos and it is naturally sweet, with subtle notes of honey. Will this be another proudly South African product that both local and international BOS fans love? The proof will be in the cup of joe!

Available at the BOS online store


On the green side:

This is a wholesome, plant-based nutrition range, inspired by chicken and perfected by plants. This is a protein-packed blend of plant-based ingredients, such as fava beans, pea protein, and lentil and chickpea flour, to name a few. All ingredients have been carefully selected based on their flavours, and they are all GMA and gluten free. Plant based has never tasted this good. On The Green Side tender fillets, are an alternative option to chicken and this organisation strives to bridge the gap between the price of chicken and a chicken alternative, ensuring that all nutritional value, taste and quality is upheld.

Available online, and in most retail stores and restaurants

Eat real snacks:

This is one brand that is committed to clean and eco-friendly food manufacturing processes. This company produces vegan, artificial colourant, and preservative free snacks made with real ingredients and with their impact on the environment in mind. These snacks come in four different bases (Lentil, Hummus, Quinoa and Veggie) and an assortment of flavours. These snacks are based on three simple concepts that are Taste, Nutrition and Real Ingredients. Eat Real’s desire is to create a product that is an enjoyable, healthier alternative to standard snack and confectionery items. These snacks are made from real, natural ingredients with no added nasties (artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives).

Available at all major retail outlets.

Lancewood Piece o’ cake cheesecake mix:

Lancewood is making baking, a piece of cake, cheesecake that is. With the launch of their first instant baked cheesecake mix in South Africa. This mix is sweet, convenient and tasty, perfect for the busy, lives we all currently live. This brand is an award-winning producer of cheese, cream cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy products, so it makes sense that they would launch a first of its kind, quick, easy, baked cheesecake mix. What makes this range unique is that it doesn’t require any additional ingredients (unless you prefer a biscuit crust). You don’t need any specialised baking skills or equipment, everything is pre-prepared – you just need to whip, bake and enjoy! It’s available in two delicious flavours – plan (New York style baked cheesecake) and caramel.

Available at all leading retailers, in the in-store alongside cream cheese / ready-made dessert fridge.

Gayleen’s raw honey sweetened handmade chocolate:

With GD Chocolates you can cure those late-night, comfort, sugar cravings, while benefiting your body. GD Chocolate is a vegan, sugar-free and preservative free chocolate brand that combines an emphasis on natural, healthy and vitamin rich ingredients with a wide variety of forms and flavours that will leave your mouth watering. Championing honey as a natural sweetener, many of GD Chocolates are also loaded with superfoods, such as the Rooibos and Macha chocolate slab, Turkish Rose and Vanilla buttercup, Collagen Loaded chocolate log and many more! Therefore, with a focus on clean eating, health benefits and the ultimate craving satisfaction.

Available from


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