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We are going to be at home, in lockdown level 4, for at least the next two weeks. Here are a few local entrepreneurs who you can support, while turning your home into a little sanctuary at the same time.

Baskiti hanging baskets:

These hanging baskets just look so chic and they’re space-saving masterpieces. Keep your fruit, veg or French loaves in these hanging baskets to save on counter space, and to keep out of reach of curious toddlers. They’re made locally, using natural cane and they’re simply spectacular to look at.

The baskets are R320 from https://baskiti.co.za/

Long candles:

Just because you’re not hosting dinner parties, doesn’t me  an you can’t create gorgeous table settings for your family. Imagine a table with pink Christmas roses and these candles? We cannot cope, these candles were designed to invoke pure joy and they do absolutely that. Creating a gorgeous WFH nook also creates a comfortable, happy space, for creativity to flow from.

These candles are R90 from https://katesunley.com/

Anke products diffuser (sugared grapefruit):

This is a lovely welcoming scent, that you’ll find intoxicating, yet enjoyable all day long. It is the most perfect combination of fruity, floral fragrances, with gentle, fresh bursts of grapefruit and sugar-cane essence to create a uniquely fresh fragrance. The sugar warms the sour and bitter notes to create the sweet and tangy perfect combination of this grapefruit fragrance.

These diffusers are R325 from www.takealot.com

Gorgeous gold speckled mugs:

These mugs are available in three aesthetically pleasing colours – black, white and pink and they’re finished off with gold speckles and a gold handle. I feel like I need the black one for my morning coffee, the pink one for my mid-afternoon rooibos tea and the white one for when I’m winding down for the evening with my camomile tea.

These mugs are R148 from www.foodphotographypropshop.co.za


Blanket ladder:

Winter is here and we are all finding ourselves reaching for a blanket every time we step into the lounge. This décor ladder is also a feature piece and can easily be moved around the house. Today it’s a blanket holder, tomorrow it could be in the bathroom holding up towels

This blanket holder is R1190 from www.youngath-art.com


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