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We know that no amount of gifts or chocolates could ever compensate for the role our mother’s and motherly figures play in our lives. How do you repay someone who grew you in her belly, who gave birth to you, went through sleepless nights to feed you and who raised you up so high, that no one else could ever come and tear you down.

Our mothers deserved to be praised daily. However, here are our top gift suggestions for your mama this Mother’s day. They’re all local items, which support local entrepreneurs, which makes giving these gifts even better.

Below is our list of top five items we’ll be buying our mama’s:

Every life counts felt bags: These felt bags are packed with purpose, from recycled bottles and each shopper is designed for the modern, environmentally conscious, trendy mama. These bags save lives, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards saying goodbye to Malaria. They’re also 100% recyclable.

Baskiti hanging baskets: We love the story behind this range. Baskiti was created by a working mama, and we are all for supporting this lekker local brand. These hanging baskets look ultra-chic and they’re space-saving masterpieces. They’re made locally, using natural cane and they’re simply spectacular to look at. We recommend filling them with locally sourced, organic fruit, veg, and loaves of bread.

Dinner candles: Dinner parties will never be the same again, imagine a family dinner with pink Christmas roses and these candles? If your mom is into décor or design, this may just be a gift for her. These candles were designed to invoke pure joy and they do absolutely that. Your mom will love filling her dining table with hand-picked flowers and these colourful candles when she entertains. Once again, you’ll be supporting a local, female entrepreneur. I love how beautiful these are. Their candle holders also match this collection beautifully.

Towels: These beautiful Mungo towels are absolute treasures. They add a lovely pop of colour to the room and they’re luxuriously soft on the skin. These unique towels are inspired by the African landscape and heritage. With their warm colours and bold designs, it’s the perfect organic cotton keepsake to match mom’s bathroom.

Anke products diffuser (sugared grapefruit): This is the welcoming scent your mom has always wanted her guests to experience when they first enter her home. It’s the most perfect combination of fruity, floral fragrances, with gentle, fresh bursts of grapefruit and sugar-cane essence to create a uniquely fresh fragrance. The sugar warms the sour and bitter notes to create the sweet and tangy perfect combination of this grapefruit fragrance.






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