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Guys, I am so excited. At 32 years old, I am finally looking at purchasing my first home. Why pay someone rent when you can pay off your own bond right? Look it’s small, but it will be ours! I cannot wait to fill it with fresh flowers, scented candles and lots of love and laughter. I am saving up to buy a few bougie items and these will all absolutely be on my wedding registry in September.

I’m hoping a family member reading this decides to club together with a few others to pick up one or two of these items. On that note, if you’re attending a wedding or housewarming any time in the near future, please consider purchasing one or two items – your loved one will thank you for it later. One of the things I’m most excited about, other than having my own space. Is getting rid of a lot of clutter, and purchasing a few new things.


Below is my list of top 10 items I’ll be buying for my new home:

Charlotte Rhys diffuser (Victor scent): If you’ve smelled one of these seductive diffusers you’ll understand why I need my house to smell like this. It’s modern, luxurious, clean, and understated. The smooth textures, delicate fragrance, and high-quality ingredients make it the most decadent treat. To add a cherry to the cake, this range is also biodegradable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free. They’ve also been accredited by Beauty without cruelty. This scent will send me off to dreamland as it will be in my bedroom.

Baskiti hanging baskets: I love the story behind this range. Created by a working mama, I’m all for supporting this lekker local brand. These hanging baskets just look so chic and they’re space-saving masterpieces. They’re made locally, using natural cane and they’re simply spectacular to look at.

Long candles: Dinner parties will never be the same again, imagine a table with pink Christmas roses and these candles? I cannot cope, I’ll be using these to celebrate my 32nd These candles were designed to invoke pure joy and they do absolutely that. I’ll be filling my tables with hand-picked flowers and these candles when I entertain. Once again, I’ll be supporting a local, female entrepreneur. I love how beautiful these are. Their candle holders also match this collection beautifully.

Towels: I’m planning to purchase new towels for the new home. I’ll be getting regular bath sheets, but I also plan to treat myself to a few Munko treasures too. Don’t they just add a lovely pop of colour to the room? These unique towels are inspired by the African landscape and heritage. With it’s warm colours and bold designs, it’s the perfect organic cotton keepsake.

SMEG Toaster and kettle: It’s a little pretentious I know, but this set is such a statement piece and because my home is so open plan, I simply have to have one. So, I’m going to start saving up now for this set, watch this space. I love how retro this appliance looks, yet it has been designed by some of the world’s top architects. I don’t know what colour I want it in, but truth be told, they’re all magnificent right.

Anke products diffuser (sugared grapefruit): This is the welcoming scent I would like my guests to experience when they first enter my home. It’s the most perfect combination of fruity, floral fragrances, with gentle, fresh bursts of grapefruit and sugar-cane essence to create a uniquely fresh fragrance. The sugar warms the sour and bitter notes to create the sweet and tangy perfect combination of this grapefruit fragrance.

Country road grinder: My kitchen is black and white, so I aim to have a black country road salt and pepper grinder. Doesn’t this just look ultra luxe?

Round rug: My new home is going to be a mix of glass, wood, and natural materials. I think this would look magnificent in my lounge, alongside a faux cows-hide skin rug.

Woven laundry basket: This woven grass laundry basket is gorgeous to look at. It’s double woven so it is sturdy and it is made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. It is made from single woven palm leaves.

Décor ladder: I plan to have one of these in the bathroom to hang our towels on. And perhaps one in the living room too, to hang blankets and throws on. I’m looking to purchase one of these from a local, female entrepreneur who pours so much love and passion into each creation. They’re also simply sensational to look at.


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