How to make your work from home space, chic, yet functional

When I was first told we would be working from home, I was super excited. This meant an extra 30 mins to sleep in, being able to drink from my Le Creuset mugs, not being distracted by my super fun colleagues and spending less time in traffic right. I went out and got myself a desk and comfy chair for my home office so I could be ultra-productive. However, after a year of working from home. I feel like I need a change of scenery at home. Here are a few ways that I’m changing up my space.

WFH Office accessories:

  1. offugo reading glasses by David Green Eyewear:

As technology advances, we all continue to use blue-light emitting screens indiscriminately, knowing that it may be affecting our eye-health and sleep. offugo reading glasses, have been developed to selectively block this blue light source, which can cause eye fatigue and strain. Plus, you’ll look stylish while receiving relief and comfort. They even have a lens for people with 20-20 vision. Visit and use the offugo state-of-the-art technology to ‘click and see yourself’. Starting from R459

  1. Pot plant:

Chris Knight and his fellow psychologists at Exeter University say that employees perform better when household plants are added to their workspaces. In fact, after studying this concept for 10 years, the team concluded that workers are 15% more productive when there are houseplants around. This Occold shield is available for R130 from

3.    Logitech pebble wireless mouse:

We love this mouse because it is modern, silent and its smooth, organic shape, fits perfectly into the curve of your hand. This is a great mouse for the space minimalist, it’s portable so it fits perfectly into your curated lifestyle. And the silent clicking means you won’t disturb those around you, should you be working from home with your partner. It’s available in feminine colors, like rose pink. Although it’s also available in off-white, graphite, eucalyptus green, or blue. This mouse is designed to perfectly match the rest of your WFH accessories. Available for R465 from

4. Personalised stationery:

Just look at these personalised notebooks from Macaroon. It’s so much easier to be productive when you have a pretty, personalised notebook to write your award-winning ideas in right. From R280

5. A3 magnetic planner:

This way you can now see all of your deadlines (and personal plans) at a glance. Then at the end of the month you rub them all off and start again. R199 from Typo

6. Lou Harvey laptop bag:

For when you absolutely, have to leave the house. You might as well carry around your laptop (and award-winning ideas) in style. R640 from Lou Harvey

7.    Personalised items:

Get your creative juices flowing by designing a personalised mug, for your work from home space. We designed our own personalised mug and it makes us excited to get going in the morning. Get a quote for your custom mug from Panoptic prints, they deliver nationally

8. Scented pillar candles:

When it comes to creating an inviting space to work from. Colour, and scent go a long way! This scented pillar candle range will not only bring an amazing aroma to your home office, but these colourful candles also add some vibrance wherever you use them. Personally, the pink peonies and litchi candle is speaking to me. Starting from R39.97 from the Crazy store.

9. Embossed velvet ottoman:

Put your feet up, on this gorgeous velvet ottoman. Working from home just got that much more comfortable. Starting from R99.99 from Mr Price.

10. Seagrass medium basket:

Can be used as a paper bin or a pot plant holder. From R180 from Woolworths


Oh and if you don’t have a decent WFH desk, please look at these options below from Mr. Price and Ukhuni.

Mr. Price Home Desk

Studio office desk: With clean, simple lines and an ultra-urban look, this glass desk with metal legs is perfect for any home office. R999 from Mr. Price Home


Ukhuni, is another great work from home, office set up company. They have a range of at-home desk options, which range from R2650 to R4650. Ukhuni also has a range of at-home, ergonomic seating options. Empowering you to create an affordable, work from home solution. The Ukhuni home desks are beautiful, easy to assemble, and comfortable to work from. Use the code ‘sherthing’ to get a 7.5% discount on your next order with Ukhuni. For more information on Ukhuni WFH solutions, visit Colours include white, light grey, dark grey, country oak, and black. RRP: R 2,650.00+


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