Drink up, this is what’s new on the beverage scene this Autumn

Roku Gin:

Take a journey through the four seasons with these six Japanese botanicals. In Japanese, Roku translates as the number six. Inside every bottle of Roku Gin, you will find six very special botanicals that are sourced in Japan. Every aspect of Roku Gin is crafted by Japanese artisans with a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail. Suntory developed its own multiple distillation process as a result of the special features each botanical brings to Roku Gin’s perfectly balanced mix. Roku Gin has an ethereal top note of cherry blossom. Notes of green tea citron and pepper briefly emerge as it quickly quiets. The delicate aroma quickly passes and dissipates. Smooth and oily, the spirit has a rich character as it coats the tongue.


Available online:

Makro: https://www.makro.co.za/beverages-liquor/spirits/gin/imported-gin/roku-japanese-gin-with-2-ceramic-cups-1-x-750ml-/p/000000000000382897_EA

Takealot: https://www.takealot.com/roku-gin-double-ceramic-cup-gift-pack-750ml/PLID56138648

Norman Good Fellows: https://www.ngf.co.za/products/roku-gin-dbl-pack-with-2-ceramic-cups-750ml-x1

Starbucks bubble gum Frappuccino:

Starbucks has just launched a limited edition, cool, colourful, and surprisingly sensational Frappuccino! Treat yourself to the brand new, limited edition, mouth-tickling, sky-blue, creamy topped, flavour-popping, delightfully delicious Bubble Pop Frappuccino today. This perfect combination of bubble-gum flavour, whipped cream, and popping candy topping is exclusive to South Africa’s Starbucks stores from 19 to 29 April only.

Nespresso gets inspired by Cape Town:

In a special tribute to South Africa, the world leader in portioned coffee has quite literally encapsulated the essence of the Mother City in its Cape Town Envivo Lungo, which forms part of the Nespresso World Explorations range. South Africans are very particular about their coffee-drinking habits. We are all about intensity, which includes dark roast or robust flavours and that is what this range encompasses. The Nespresso World Explorations coffee range, with infinitely recyclable capsules made from 80% recycled aluminium, is available online and at Nespresso boutiques.




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