Vaginal infections: what you need to know…

They say that knowledge is power, and for women concerned about intimate feminine wellness, here’s a ‘what you need to know’ about vaginal infections.

When acidity in the vagina is reduced, the pH increases, which results in an increase of infection-causing bacteria. There are numerous conditions which make vaginal infections more likely, for example, poor hygiene habits and wearing non-absorbent underwear.¹

The symptoms that one usually experiences with a vaginal infections include an abnormal vaginal discharge, itching, redness, a burning pain and odour¹.

Firstly, candidiasis (thrush) is a common vaginal yeast infection².  Thrush is not a sexually transmitted disease, but rather a common yeast infection caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans yeast. The occurrence of thrush is particularly common during pregnancy, in women who use intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs), and diabetics. It frequently occurs just before a woman’s menstrual period starts. Those with a weakened immune system are also prone to thrush, as well as women who are taking oral antibiotics.¹ Broad-spectrum antibiotics, which kill a range of infection-causing bacteria, also kill healthy bacteria in your vagina, leading to overgrowth of yeast.²

Symptoms of thrush are bothersome – with itching or a burning sensation of the vagina and vulva; especially during sexual intercourse. A thick white discharge may be present, and the intimate area may become red and swollen².

Keeping your body and intimate area as healthy as possible is extremely important, and promoting a balanced pH level helps keep intimate infections at bay. Probiotics help restore vaginal flora³, so it’s helpful that various GynaGuard products have been formulated to include them.

After a hard day’s work, indulge in a pH balanced GynaGuard Foam Bath. The Fragrance-Free and Lightly Fragranced variants contain probiotics⁴ to promote intimate wellness and are gentle enough for daily use.

Essential Intimate Wash⁵ also contains probiotics, while the Ultimate Intimate Wash⁶ also contains probiotics to help protect your intimate area.

Lastly, GynaGuard Vaginal Capsules⁷ work while you sleep, to restore natural vaginal flora and restore pH balance. Simply insert 1 capsule into the vagina for four nights.

Another two common types of vaginal infections are bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginitis.⁸ˊ⁹


As its name implies, the first infection, bacterial vaginosis is bacterial in origin. A thin white/grey discharge may be experienced along with a fishy odour.⁸


Trichomonas vaginitis is a common sexually transmitted disease. Symptoms include a green/yellow frothy discharge, fishy odour, itching, redness, tenderness, pain during urination and intercourse⁹.


Make GynaGuard a part of your daily self-care routine, to support and reinforce a healthy, ideal pH balance for optimal vaginal comfort!


GynaGuard products are categorised into three ranges for ease of use: the Comfort Range is your gentle, go-to range for everyday feminine hygiene. It consists of the Essential Intimate Wash, Intimate Cleansing pH Bar, Intimate Comfort Gel, Daily Comfort Sensitive Wipes and Foam Bath (Fragrance-Free and Lightly Fragranced variants).


The Control Range focuses on restoring pH balance and soothing discomfort and irritations and includes Ultimate Intimate Wash and Vaginal Capsules. The Intimate Range comprises Lubricating Moisturising Gel, specially formulated to enhance natural lubrication, soothe irritation and relieve dryness.

Visit to find out more about this pHenomenal range of pH balancing intimate products,  available from retail stores and leading pharmacies. Join the conversations on Facebook and Instagram. #GynaGuard #HappyVHappyMe

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