How different forms of CBD influence your wellbeing

If you are in search of natural pain and stress relief options (aren’t we all). You may find yourself turning to CBD (cannabidiol) in its oil form to create positive change.1 While CBD oil was taboo a few years ago, much research has been conducted. And the positive effects it has on a human’s wellbeing can no longer be denied.  The good news is that there are various other forms of CBD available, from topicals and drops to edible pastilles and capsules. You can now get your daily dose, in the form most suited to your preference and your lifestyle.

Topical CBD:

Topical CBD in the form of a gel may assist with the symptomatic relief of muscle pain and inflammation in the back and joints and minor sprains and strains. 2

CBD Capsules:

CBD capsules are made in a similar way to regular CBD oils and taking them is as simple as popping one into your mouth and swallowing with a glass of water.   The dosage could not be any easier. Each dose is already measured out for you in each capsule – eliminating any guesswork involved.

CBD Drops:

For those who can’t take CBD in pill or capsule form, CBD drops offer an effective way to get all the benefits of CBD. Peak blood levels for this method, which involves placing liquid drops of CBD under your tongue, have been measured within about two hours.3

CBD pastilles:

The emergence of CBD pastilles is a fun (and yummy) way of getting CBD benefits. CBD pastilles are created to emulate candy. They taste just like a sweet treat and are the perfect alternative for those who want to experience CBD’s benefits but shy away from the naturally strong flavour of CBD.

Introducing ADCO CBD

This research into the different forms of CBD led pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram, to launch the ADCO CBD range of products. The range comprises ADCO CBD STRESS4  , available in drops, and capsule format.  ADCO CBD DAILY5,7   products, available in drops, edible pastille, and capsule format. The ADCO CBD PAIN6    products are produced in drops, capsules, and gel format.

The ADCO CBD edible pastilles come in pre-dosed bites. Various colours, and an assortment of lemon-lime, mango, raspberry, and strawberry flavours.7

ADCO CBD products are available from selected Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, as well as selected independent pharmacies and online stores. For more information visit : and join the conversation on Facebook.

How will you be taking your CBD?


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