A quarter chicken with a side of tinned pilchards?

A quarter chicken with a side of tinned pilchards? 

Nando’s is joining South Africans with a CAN-DO attitude by giving back to those in need through their latest creative campaign Tin for Tjips. This act makes use of Nando’s online ordering to collect food for children in need in return for a portion of Nando’s chips.

Almost one year ago to the day, many of us were scrambling to stock up for the coming apocalypse. It was like Black Friday for tinned food, bottled water, and toilet paper except South Africans were paying full price. Once we made it through the grocery gauntlet alive, we looked at our shelves and pantries with the relief that we would make it through the “end of days”.

But as lockdown levels rose and fell we all started to re-evaluate why we panic-bought all those tins when all we needed to do was adhere to a healthy dose of social distancing, hand-washing, mask-wearing, and sanitising. So, a year later, what exactly do you do with all those tins of pilchards, baked beans, and peaches that haven’t expired? Nando’s has a solution.

Here’s how to turn your tin into chips

Nando’s wants to help you help those in need by collecting your panic-bought tins of food and redistributing them to hungry children. For the second time in the past year, Nando’s has partnered with non-profit organisation, Joint Aid Management (JAM), who will distribute the tinned food to South Africa’s most vulnerable through its well-established network of charitable organisations that focus on taking care of pre-school children through Early Childhood Development centres.

Doug Place, Chief Marketing Officer for Nando’s South Africa says, “We suspect that Mzansi pantries are filled with tins of food we don’t really need. So, we thought we’d offer a way to donate them to those that do in return for a portion of Nandos’ freshly prepared chips. At Nando’s, we believe that all South Africans deserve a life well fed. We hope that Tin for Tjips will play its part in making that belief a reality. After all, the government isn’t looking to put chips in you, but we are happy to.”

Tin criteria

So, what do you need to do? If you have tins in your cupboard and want to exchange them for some delicious Nando’s PERi-PERi (or plain) chips (and contribute to a good cause, of course), then order any Nando’s meal now on the app (Android or iOS) or web. Just make sure that:

  • The tin contains actual food (Shoe polish doesn’t count)
  • It has its original label
  • It hasn’t expired and won’t for at least another 3 months
  • The tin is not damaged in any way

Select the “Tin for Tjips” option before checkout.

You can participate in the initiative by ordering through the Nando’s mobile app or online for delivery or collection (kerbside too). Join us by mixing PERi-PERi with pilchards and chicken with peaches as we all put the CAN in South AfriCAN.

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