WFH essentials to boost your productivity

Working from home is about so much more than just a table and a chair to work from. It’s about creating a space that helps you perform at your peak productivity level. Our mental health is so important right now, these items are designed to make your space feel more welcoming which improves mental health while keeping you productive.

  1. Logitech pebble wireless mouse:

    We love this mouse because it is modern, silent and its smooth, organic shape, fits perfectly into the curve of your hand. This is a great mouse for the space minimalist, it’s portable so it fits perfectly into your curated lifestyle. And the silent clicking means you won’t disturb those around you, should you be working from home with your partner. It’s available in feminine colors, like rose pink. Although it’s also available in off-white, graphite, eucalyptus green, or blue. This mouse is designed to perfectly match the rest of your WFH accessories. Available for R465 from

  1. Pot plant:

    Chris Knight and his fellow psychologists at Exeter University say that employees perform better when household plants are added to their workspaces. In fact, after studying this concept for 10 years, the team concluded that workers are 15% more productive when there are houseplants around. This Monstera Adansonia is available for R225 from

  1. Pretty stationary:

    Mr. Price Home has a range of notebooks and pens to keep the creative juices flowing. You can get a range of accessories that fit into your colour scheme, or you can keep things bright and colourful. It’s totally up to you. Starting from R39.99


  1. Lamp:

Sometimes the lighting is good enough for you to see your laptop, but your face can look a little dark on zoom calls. Look at getting a desk lamp to illuminate your face so that you look fresh and awake at all times. These Aruba desk lamps are R99.99 from Mr. Price Home and are available in teal, black, white, and sunshine.


  1. Personalised items:

Get your creative juices flowing by designing a personalised mug, for your work from home space. We designed our own personalised mug and it makes us excited to get going in the morning. Get a quote for your custom mug from Panoptic prints, they deliver nationally


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