Review: Vice Reversa Micro needling patches

Vice Reversa Micro-needling Patches

Vice Reversa offers medical-grade microneedle patches that transport ultra-fine molecules packed with active ingredients into the epidermis of the skin. The result is painless, effective skincare. This new skincare brand uses patented, crystallised, pain, and hassle-free serum needle technology. Each needle contains thousands of microscopic active ingredients in micro-fine needles which penetrate the epidermis and dissolve to nourish and replenish the cells. Microneedle skincare technology has been shown to be safe and more effective than collagen promoting face cream in addressing wrinkles, hydration, and elasticity.

The two patched we trialed were:

Pimple patches:

These are really small patches that look like they’re a clear circular plaster. These plasters are completely pain-free, you do not feel the microneedles at all and they take about 8h to work. We recommend washing your face, toning and moisturizing, and then apply the pimple patch before bed.

How it works: Each patch contains 360 microscopic pyramid-shaped needles, made from crystallised active ingredients. Once applied, the microneedles begin to dissolve, slowing maximum absorption. My pimple drastically reduced in size by the morning and was completely gone by the end of the day, without leaving a scar. I usually scar after a breakout as I have very fair skin. I was really impressed with how much my pimple diminished overnight and I would definitely re-use and repurchase this product. This is perfect for someone like me, who doesn’t suffer from acne, but rather gets the odd monthly, hormonal breakout.  Stubborn pimples may require an additional application, however, I would recommend applying the patch to a small pimple that is still blind and hasn’t formed a head yet. Deep cystic acne is harder to treat topically.

R380 for 8, the patches are also biodegradable. Available from

Wrinkle patches:

These patches are specifically designed for around the eye area and smile lines. This patch is bean-shaped for easy application. Each patch contains key ingredients that deliver actives deep into the dermal layers of the skin. To help diminish the appearance of fine lines. These patches are completely painless and leave the skin looking and feeling great after just one use.

These patches target fine lines and wrinkles. Each patch contains 2550 microscopic pyramid-shaped needles made from crystallised active ingredients that penetrate the epidermis. These dissolvable wrinkle patches are a great alternative for those who don’t like derma rollers. There is also less concern about sterilising equipment or spreading infections since the patches are single-use and remain fixed in one position. These patches also need to be applied to clean, dry skin. The patches can be left on for up to 4h, great for a flight, or apply them after work, and remove before bedtime. These patches can be used every 3 days, for four weeks. After 8 uses positive results should be seen and sustained for 4 weeks.

We definitely noticed that our fine lines weren’t as prominent where we used the patches, as our skin was more hydrated in those areas. However, the results only last about a month, and then you need to start using the patches again. These are great to use as a lead up to a special occasion such as a wedding and are more affordable and more appealing than injectables such as botulinum toxin.

R680 for 8 patches, the patches are sterile, single-use and disposable and available from


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