2020, what a year

by | Dec 27, 2020

2020 was the most unbelievable, unexpected year ever. Leaving 2019 behind, welcomed in the new year, we were positive and hopeful and then, the good, the bad and the ugly happened. We were never ready, we didn’t think we would be hit by so many different events, back-to-back and that was just how the year started.

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In terms of world events, we experienced:

  • George Floyd’s death: Started a black lives matter movement. People gathered in crowds during the pandemic to voice their anger. This was only one of many events in the US where white policemen killed black people by using excessive force. The people were tired, enough was enough.
  • The Australian bush fires: While bush fires are a regular occurrence in Australia, the 2019/2020 bushfires were the most devastating. Based on how long they lasted, how much land they covered, and how many animals perished.
  • The royal family: Harry and Megan left the royal family and moved to the U.S. this was a first for the royal family.
  • Brexit happened: The UK withdrew from the European Union. This was a heavily debated decision.
  • Trump: Lost the presidency to Joe Biden. Kamala Harris became the first vice president, who was a woman of colour.
  • The coronavirus happened to the world
    • Countries went into lockdown
    • People started panic buying
    • We ran out of PPE, sanitizer, ventilators
    • Mental health was in the spotlight
    • We learned that most of us could work from home
    • We all learned how to use video call services such as Zoom and Teams
  • Social media: The use of social media increased, TikTok kicked off, people started watching a lot of trash T.V. on Netflix, like Tiger King.

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This is how my year went down:

  • January: I was a freelancer, life was great.
  • February: I became a permanent employee, at my biggest freelance client. As happy as I was to have a stable income again, at a fantastic global company, I wrestled self-doubt as I felt like I had given up on my own company. Even though I knew I hadn’t. Dyl and I started a new business together, which I can’t talk about just yet.
  • March: We went into what we thought was going to be a three-week lockdown. We learned how to manage teams online which was also a new and super-stressful experience. We spent more time cooking and cleaning our own homes. A close family member tried to commit suicide, I have never been so stressed before, and this event changed me.
  • April: This was a really low month for me emotionally. I felt like I was working long hours to prove myself and no one was seeing my worth. It hurt and I decided to up-my-game, start self-development courses, and change perceptions of me. My wedding was also postponed.
  • May: I threw myself into work, I started changing perceptions.
  • June: Something happened in my relationship which I’m not ready to talk about yet.
  • July: Dyl’s grandmother got Covid-19 and succumbed to it.
  • August: I bought a new car, my first Automatic, a little Audi A1.
  • September: My sister got married! It was such a beautiful ceremony. Dyl and I went away for a week to the bush, as a couple to reconnect.
  • October: Dyl’s grandfather got Covid-19 and succumbed to it. I had my gall bladder removed, read more about that here https://itsasherthing.co.za/lifestyle/how-i-found-out-i-had-gall-stones/ I turned 31. This was kind of a crappy bday as I was sore and had to be alone, just with Dyl, at home.
  • November: We went to Dyl’s first medical congress in Cape Town, where he won, best Arthroplasty paper. He won a R10k prize which he invested back into research. My blog baby turned 3 years old. My littlest sister got Covid-19 and survived it.
  • December: This was a tough month for me career-wise, I was tested a lot. My dad tested positive for covid-19 and I pray he makes it through ok. I’m hoping to reach diamond status with Discovery. I got my biggest tax return back to date, thanks SARS. My blog made more money than ever and my business did too.

2020 was a tough year, filled with emotion, growth. lessons and healing. I pray 2021 is kinder to us all.

How was 2020 for you?

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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