TV series that we are binge watching this festive season

This festive season, we are planning to unwind, relax, catch up on some series and get ready for the new year. A cold, icy glass of white wine in hand, the patio door open allowing a fresh breeze into the house and now it’s ‘you time’. You may also want to grab a face mask and a box of salted caramel Lindor balls because it’s the festive season right.

Five shows that we’ve been enjoying on Dstv and Netflix that we think you’ll enjoy too are:

  1. The undoing:

Starring award-winning actors Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, this series can only be described as a psychological thriller that pulls you in. This series has a similar vibe to ‘big little lies.’ So, if you enjoyed that series we would highly recommend you consider watching ‘The Undoing’.

Nicole and Hugh are a married couple, with a son, high society vibes. She’s a psychologist and he’s a pediatric oncologist. He’s cheating on her with a mom from his son’s school, who also happens to be the mom of one of his oncology patients. This mom gets murdered, and he’s the number one suspect. You go through an emotional rollercoaster wondering did he or didn’t he? And you can totally relate to Nicole and what she’s going through and you keep wondering ‘what would I do?’ It’s wild. Filled with sex, emotion, and a murder, what more could you want from a series?

It’s relatable (kind of), and this mini-series is a box set, so the full first season is available right now.

  1. Transplant:

This is a medical drama, starring a Syrian refugee who flees to Canada. He can’t get a job as a doctor in Canada as he doesn’t have medical transcripts. That happens when you’re fleeing a war-torn country. He moved to this new country with his little sister, and he starts working at a kebab shop to make ends meet.

The first episode starts with a truck crashing into the kebab shop. This Syrian surgeon is used to working with little supplies and performs life-saving measures with a pair of scissors, a drill, and his hands? He gets employed as a doctor and you go through the emotional struggles of what he’s going through. How he has to think on his feet and you keep wondering if his situation is going to get better or not.

It teaches you life lessons, like how not to judge a mans’ intelligence based on how well he speaks English. We also love the medical theme behind it.


  1. Love after lock-up:

This show is about couples who meet their partners via an inmate pen-pal site. They fall in love, some get married and it’s a roller coaster to find out if the inmates will stay with their partner once they are released, were the inmates just using the partner for cash while they were locked up? Was their relationship better as a long-distance relationship?

These inmates have been in prison for sentences ranging from a few months for theft to a few years for armed robbery. Most of them are good looking and they get their partners to fall head over heels for them. Some have met in person before the inmates’ release, some haven’t. For some reason, most of these couples want to rush into marriage straight after lock-up. Perhaps people get to know each other better, in a short amount of time, via letter? Perhaps that’s something to consider?

Why we love it: It’s our fave reality TV show right now, some of these people are proposing to their spouses as they walk out of the prison gates, others are rushing to have sex straight after lock-up and others are bankrupting themselves trying to impress an inmate half their age. It’s super entertaining. Let us know what you think.




  1. How to ruin Christmas, the wedding:

We love this show because it’s so proudly South African. Certain venues like the Four Seasons, The Westcliff, are easy to recognise, and the show shares South African humour in a way that only SAFA’s will understand. We love the African customs and traditions that are shared in an oh-so-relatable way. It’s super hilarious and relatable and a must watch this festive season. This is a 3-part series and very easy to watch.



  1. Tiny pretty things:

We loved this series! It focuses on the lives of dancers at a dance academy, ballerina’s to be specific. One ballerina is pushed off the building and so the series unravels to find out what happened. During this series, we get a glimpse into the super-competitive world of elite ballet. This is a series filled with drama, sex, a murder, and exquisite dancing.


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